Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cosmic Chreode(s)

Consider chaotic bifurcations---attractors---as an "ordering" principle underlying randomness; stretch it out even down to the quantum level. Consider the transmigratory whorl, the vortex of phenomenal existence and its teleological terminus, viz., the concrescence of being. Karmas and consciousnesses, egos and individuations collide with each other as they spiral toward the center, first in slow cycles, gradually increasing speed with each cycle; there are ricocheting effects, some get bounced back to where they started, some bounce about here and there randomly in the Brownian funnel of transmigration. The Center is the Attractor in the future, pulling all beings of the Six Destinations of birth-death toward "it."


Coin-funnel often seen in malls, etc., as metaphor