Monday, January 3, 2011

The 2011 Calendric Spiral

"Follow the white rabbit."  So went the instruction from the inductor in the beginning of the old flick "The Matrix."  The adventure in Wonderland begins for Alice as she goes down the Rabbit Hole.  This is the year of the Rabbit (or Hare), the fourth sign of the Sinojapanese Zodiac, and in terms of the Sexegenary Cycle, this year's conjoining is with Kanoto, the eighth of the Ten Terrestrial Branches; this is the 28th year of the 60-year cycle: 辛卯 .  

Teilhard de Chardin spoke of evolution as a temporal-spiral (teleological) process toward the Ω Point, the locus of concrescence, the convergence of all confluent chreodes of all morphic fields.  The Rabbit-Hole concept has already entered the collective repository of thought, and thus it's not too much of a leap, so to speak, to attribute the entering of the current year of the Rabbit as the official entry of the collective into the Rabbit-Hole, the spiral toward concrescence.  The Event Horizon as such is not yet, as of this writing, but the date of Timewave Zero is December 21, 2012 (Gregorian), the time is 11:11:11 AM (UTC).