Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Clone Goes Home"

I'm currently subtitling a DVD entitled The Clone Goes Home (2008: クローンは故郷をめざす (, which oddly enough was executive-produced by Wim Wenders.  It's not your average scifi, since it is a rare movie that deals with morphic resonance as such; the dialogue refers to morphic resonance as simply 'resonance,' and it propounds the idea that, because of (morphic) resonance, the "soul" of a deceased body that has been cloned will resonate with its regeneration, and will get drawn, or attracted to the new soul of the clone's body.  "It will cling to it like a guardian spirit," a character says.  The terminologies in the dialogue can use a little work, but the application of morphic resonance to the question of human cloning is refreshing.