Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Final Zen

From my personal diary "Book of Shadows" I kept in the 90's for a few years, an entry about a dream I had, entitled "The Final Zen":

Feb-10 or 11 (1994); Dark Moon 

     I was in a spaceship, visiting the ends of the universe. We were attempting to make it into a portal (a rectangular gate) which connected the past and the future, and the portal was about to close. They let me off the ship and I flew through, to a future parallel universe (I think), and flew over the dark side of the earth. I was amazed at the colossal size of her. I was flying past clouds in space.
     When I was on the ground, I was visited by the ultimate Zen creature. He (it was androgynous, but it was more male in characteristic) was totally thin, had no features other than eyes and a mouth.
     He spoke of things to me (which I could not remember upon waking). Tim then showed up in the dream, and wrote on a checkbook (?) "The Final Zen" in an ultimate way (the sense of "ultimacy" was a dream-sensation).  I was hesitant of the ultimacy, but reminded Tim to date his check.