Monday, February 14, 2011

Going Beyond the Box

There are stages to mastery and becoming an adept.  There are initiations.  There are such things as procedures, protocols, precepts, and rules.  But these things are matters of standing on ceremony, literally and figuratively speaking.  It is possible to become an expert in such disciplines, but one can be an expert and not be an adept.  

Usually an organized religion or quasi-religion expects its adherents to stay within the confines of its traditional strictures and delineated boundaries.  This holds true for disciplines both exoteric and esoteric.  Reality cannot be organized, however.  It has its own telos, which is intimately intertwined, interfused with consciousness per se; it persistently evolves, and transforms in jumps and leaps.  It leaves an untraceable trajectory of Butterfly Effects and nonlocal missing links.  Missing links are just what they are, they are missing, because the phase never was; the jump was that of pure creativity, sheer novelty.         

In the same way, there can never be an adept who is fundamentalist; Reality evolves, tears apart the fabric of collective agreements.  I've been told that some ritual procedures are stuck with hungry ghosts.  There are false procedures and false teachings transmitted on purpose, only to provide adepts-to-be the opportunity to break past them and thus learn how to see beyond illusory veils.  The first phase of the adept is to wake up from all modes of collective slumber.   Resonance with Reality is not about taking refuge in precepts, rules, traditions, religions, ideologies, cultures, humanity, prophets, ETs, Gods, and so on, even as Reality cannot be constrained by them.  Adeptness is to emulate Reality, which in all eventuality will break out of the box to bring forth co-creative novelty.