Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hand of Miriam

Dream: Winter of 1993.  I dreamed I was in a museum on the east coast.  I was in the museum (which was a large place, classical architecture) after I had left the hotel where my mother and father were.  In the museum I was observing art in a glass case, and I could see by the reflection that some thugs were gathering behind me to harass me and possibly do me harm.  There were many of them, and they began to taunt me.  All of a sudden I see a vision of a large right hand---a hand large enough to reach the tall ceiling of the museum---which crushed the thugs that were behind me, as it grabbed them all in a fist.  They were instantly gone.  The thugs were crushed in the palm of her hand, when she made her grip.  I walked outside of the museum, and it looked like the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion's main entrance.  It was night, lights of the city are on, and it was cold.  I see in front of me a lady (about my age), with her back turned from me, all in blue jeans, doing something.  She is taking things out of her shopping cart, and has made a space for herself with cardboards, so it seems.  I can tell that she is homeless.  She turns to look at me, and I approach her.  She does not say a word.  She is beautiful, and has short hair.  Her look is hypnotizing.  I kiss her lips, and she accepted.  I knew that she was the one who magickally extinguished my enemies.  She walked into a door to the left, I went to the right, and I waved to her all the way.