Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nietzschean "Ressentiment"

The following was a journal entry of mine. I like to see how my insights of so long ago have ramified and either become generally assimilated or whether they have resurfaced in specific "angstian" tributaries of expression and thought. Especially with the current political climate prodding and poking my psyche's jugular with the poisonous darts of polarized either/or chaotic fervor. 

February 20, 2011: Had thought of Christianity and that, reading about the vilification of nature by the patriarchal book-religions of Karaskenteti*, it is indeed the meme-spreader of human virus-catalyst activities out to destroy nature and the environment. They are compelled to do so as an injunction, this is why they view nature and bodies as inherently evil and pagan. So the Karaskenteti religion is in its backlash now, has been for a while, but time is getting faster and faster. The Karaskenteti push and drive to take away from the poor to give to those in power, because power belongs to those who know and have the divine right to oversee and create the course of history; this is the essence of their religion of the masses. With respect to It’s a Wonderful Life (old Frank Capra flick), the Karaskenteti root for the plutocrat and vilify the Jimmy Stewart character, the angel, and all the people who pitched in in the end as “socialists” and “communists,” thereby forgetting the very concept of un-earned “grace” in their religion, worshiping instead a system of ruthless social Darwinism. Ironic how against Darwin they are with respect to evolution (they refuse to evolve), and yet they worship the ramifications of Darwin’s natural paradigm.

*Neologism from CittaBhumi as a catchall for the patriarchal wellspring of culture.