Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Web Bot and Time Wave Zero

The Web Bot taps into and extracts information from sociocultural and collective-unconscious fields (call it Zeitgeist); it has predictive, prescient value inasmuch as morphic fields are nonlocal and temporally nonlinear.  Information-theoretically speaking, lower-entropy, statistically significant, recognizable patterns of data are detected by the Web Bot in the collective Noise, with respect to redundancies and frequencies of occurrence; this is the quantitative foundation of the Web Bot project and its hermeneusis over quantitative data.  

With respect to information-theoretic entropy, interestingly enough, both the Web Bot and Time Wave share a common ground in terms of tendencies toward zero.  It is a matter of interpretation, of course, but Web Bot Gestalts of data are, once actualized, retrojectively of zero entropy, and otherwise in a state of relative flux approaching zero.  This zero entropy occurs only once for the Time Wave, however, at the Singularity; its significant difference from the Web Bot is that the Singularity's event horizon prevents its resonance from rippling to our chronometric, seemingly linear present.  There is nothing from it but sheer Noise and maximum information-entropy, even as no information is rippling outward from it.  It is attracting history and everything information-contingent into itself, and nothing comes out.  There is no way to ping it by way of remote viewing or precognition; the Noise becomes more severe as the event horizon is approached.  It is the Noise of history in a swirling whorl of Chaos without any attractors and bifurcations in sight, without any recognizable redundancy of information.      

The ingression of Absolute Novelty, as it is the "black swan" (fully in the N. N. Taleb sense) par excellence, is super-probabilistic; its unpredictability is absolute.  The Singularity is absolutely beyond access.   

The Web Bot is a measurement of Habit, as is the Time Wave.  However, while the field of information stops at the event horizon, they both provide one bit (so to speak) of information that is of 0-entropy value with regard to the Singularity, beyond the event horizon---and the datum is everywhere selfsame, self-referring, fractal, and self-contained---viz., that Absolute Novelty, 0-information-entropy, and the total cessation of Habit awaits; this is the sole Attractor.  It is the nexus and locus of equivalence of a quantitative unit of Planck time and qualitative eternity, because there is no information forthcoming from it, other than that there is no information forthcoming from it.  And that bit of information is an attestation to its own paradoxical nature in a superposed entanglement of maximum and zero information-entropy (see J. M. Jenkin's clever take on the paradox in his The 2012 Story).