Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Epistemic Sugar Plums

Elemental, pristine disarray lending itself to the formulation of epistemological genesis-dance.  Wherein lies the thrashing, mashing, gnashing, digestion of the emergent cogs as they fight to fit all or none grooves.  Cog-nizance;  the tendrils of non thoughts, like sugar plums dancing in my headed inward and outward simultaneously grasping rasping, lapsing, loving, prancing, fancying, aching, breaking, lurking; not to pounce, but to encompass the absolute! Thus enjoying the irony of its own upgraded, degraded countenance. Beauty is in the eye, I, ideology, irony, iconography, idolatry, idiocy, insincerity, indelibility, inanity, insanity, of the beholder, beholden, beheaded.  Irrelevant, irreverent itinerant. Fasten your seat belt it’s going to Be. The marriage, mirage, ménage-a-trois, of Figaro; figments, figures, fissures, fascination, fallacious fabrications, fellatios and otherwise forensic, fiery, fits of fastidious fury conspire to create the non-created in a concealed backdoor boudoir of abbreviated intensity.

Ode to Nancy: A Stream of Consciousness

Aquarius cometh, with crashing waves crashing her upon the rocks of nation foreign, soil unfamiliar and not of home, not inherently, not yet arriving, and the foundations will shudder.  Seeing before it is said, lucidity founded on higher ground, finding supernal height in the empyrean ether, Vertigo, even prior to Nine-Eleven, in response to prophecy, clair-sentience; Ankles pulled from under, the Undertow sacred Water of the feet-hooking Mudra of the Raven Chronos, Mother of superposition of three modalities of Being and Becoming, of the perfect entanglement of the Tranquil and Wrathful emanations of skillful means and dynamic of awakened expedience.  In the Unconscious waking of dream-state, the destruction of fivefold delusions, resonance beginning for the dawning of an Eon, from Tower to World, Sixteen to Twenty-One, and back to Zero again in evolved involution: Zero, Time-Wave Zero, the Omega Point Singularity, Future Attractor unto Absolute Novelty.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Originally Unborn

The resonance of Unity
dispensed itself into the Void
from whence its birth heralded
the existence of its own antithesis.
And upon hearing the alternate breath of each other
became One outside the One.
Inside the One.
before, and ….again.
deafening all scrutiny.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Downward Causation

Crumbling systems of thought; the confirmed carriers of  cancerous cornerstones of dis-belief, dis-ease, de-construction and  deceit, carefully concealing the crushed carcass of  its own corporeal ex-con-sciousness  as it quivers in post-coital concrescence of  its own concretized, canonized, cauterized, cabalized, cannibalized, cum-bersome  code of  decadently defunct dis-conduct… 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Revisiting the Slipstream

As we embark on this new,  intimate...
Blending, folding,
Merging, holding…
Of  One Mind
Falling deeper
Up, up, upwards Seeker
Morphing, growing
Constant Knowing,
Captured in this heart of Ours
The Universe and all its Stars…

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Ranting Regarding the Many-Worlds Interpretation

(The following was posted @ the Quantum Activist forum yesterday)
Back to the Many-Worlds fiasco. There are three things (at least) that are at work here, and the way I see it, the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) is a symptom of a deeper, underlying illness, and it’s the materialist malaise. And materialism itself is a symptom of something even deeper, but I won’t get into that here.
So, MWI. First thing: At the heart of it is the fundamental delusion (or even a fundamentalism of sorts), the hackneyed, antiquated thinking that Matter is the ground of being (Amit Goswami: ”upward causation”), that science and conscious Subject don’t mix – – – no, shouldn’t mix. So deep is the bias that when the double-slit measurement puzzle occurs, its attribution is sought in interference waves that are ”indirectly observed,” and a mathematical model is literally invented to accommodate the existence of parallel-universe interfering waves;the (orthonormal) trajectories of probability waves keep going and going ad infinitum, hence, the MWI needs to ”keep adding dimensions” to make it work. Talk about a mind-boggling inflation of ontology; what happens to entropy in a scheme like that? But never mind all that, so to speak. The lengths people go to toss wave-function collapse out the quantum window!
Second thing: (Neo-)Platonism in my opinion is, though seemingly dualistic, a kind of materialism. Form is given unchanging status, it never evolves nor devolves, it is eternal, and hence Form (not consciousness) is the foundation of being. Granted, Agathon was posited by Plato as the ground of Forms, but is it conscious (vis-a-vis Plato)? But I want to mention the platonic ”theology” of Numbers, the Pythagorean paradigm of the mystical eternality of Numbers-as-such and geometric forms. Hence, another materialistic, mechanistic bias ramifies, viz., that if an elegant (or even clunky) mathematical argument can be concocted, then it must correspond to an aspect of absolute reality. Hence the MWIs, for starters.
Third and not least: The existential dimension: Isn’t our current dimension, our current existence here and now what truly matters (As A. Goswami says (Ri Stewart))?  The materialist bias externalizes, it’s a constant move away from the Subject, away from consciousness, away from introspection, internalization, and involution. Things happen, in other words, and that’s that, end of story. Infinite, gajillion universes will populate before a wave function would ever collapse, before anything as ”occult” as a measuring consciousness would ever be admitted into the domain of scientific discourse.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Intuitive Velocity

Dance in the space between the words.  The space, greater than any conceptualization, theme, morass, venue, reference point, delineation; vibrating in a concerto of unrefined luminescent phenomenal vulgarity.  Morphing, remorphing, then unfortunately solidifying.  Getting unequivocally stuck in the mire of ordinary conciousness, is not, as a rule, gratifying in and of itself except as it is representative of a larger evolution.  Non-movement towards something.  Neither coming or going.  Neither going nor coming.  Coming, going, going, coming, coing goming, commingling, gommingling  in  a virtual stew of electrical impulse triggered by the archetypal free set.  Indivisible, yet inalienably fragmented.  Demented? Fermented! Cemented in a labyrinth of ultimate sets of consciousness manifesting in dizzying multi-faceted fractally inclined harmonies.  Radical topology governed by the synthesis of The One.

Beyond The One is The One outside The One again and again. Ad infinitum equaling the subset of The One. Sacred telemetry ruled by the methodology of None. Faring no better than its counterpart the None has wed against its will to The All, culminating in an infinite subset of The One.

Scatologically entering into the void, the voice of earth. The tunnel of love, the funnel of power, the hall, the walls of form and function; interred, inferred, inturd, inured, inward, manured, maneuvered, reverberated,  consecrated, defacated, truncated, elated, elongated, agitated, repudiated, colossal colon-ial affiliate to the initiate. Tri-umverate, Try cum berate, try cum berate, try cum berate. A downward spiral of repressed energy, enemy, enema, edema, demon. Stagnating pools of incontinence triggering false truths curtailing breath and sensibility in an attempt to endocrinologically maintain the ephemeral density of matter over mind. Eliptically speaking, we’ve run amok, run a vajr-a mok-sha mu is what the sacred cow elucidates before spilled milk is offered in the great white hopes that the circle will be broken, shattered and made whole. Brevity, bravery, long-winded dispute.  Levity, livery, storehouse of ill-repute. Archeology, anthropology, phrenology and the origin of ‘mind’ are nothing more than militant, methodical, ego-logical contributors to time. Menagerie, monogamy All within the One. Never having ceased, we’ve only just begun

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Rainbow Samaya

Rejecting Priesthood, departing away toward the immediacy of Love, away from delusions of false awakening, morphic fields of old without a shred of earth, without a shred of nature, without the presence of the Feminine, Who is Reality as such, without whom there is nothing, nothing but phallos and semen-ridden aggression.  The Double Rainbow, the gateway of the Future, the gateway of Love, the gateway of the Garden of the Dragon Flower.  After the Inception of the Age of Aquarius, a synchronous incident of fear, and yet, the Advent is near, the tipping-point is not yet, but the Peacock vehicle is descending, the Spider vehicle is rising, the two will wrathfully converge as superposed entanglement, interfused with Totality as such, rising, arising, arising Emerald, ever more green and evermore, Dragons ride astride burrowing Foxes in the Rabbit Hole.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sacred Boundary: Event Horizon

The sealing of a boundary of a sacred space, e.g., casting a circle, putting in protective stakes in the four cardinal directions, drawing a pentagram, and so on, is for sealing-in and for keeping-out.  Nothing comes in and nothing goes out (until the seal is released).  The event horizon of the historical-temporal Singularity is also a boundary, a boundary of information, but it is unidirectional; everything is attracted into it, but there is no information forthcoming beyond the threshold.  

As the Great Attractor unto concrescence, inasmuch as it takes the totalized everything of history into itself, it absolutely needs no protection from anything.  Concrescence is the superposition of all polar states, of the empty set and transfinite Alephs, of nonbeing and being, of dispersion and gathering, of the instantaneous Now and eternity.  It is history itself that is being protected from concresence, even as it is unprecedented Novelty.  History accelerates faster and faster toward it, inevitably toward ultimate synchronicity. 


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dalai Lama Abdicates Political Role In Tibetan Government-In-Exile

(Especially) for Vajrayana practitioners the world over, even if they are non-Tibeta­n, his abdication reverberates with historical significan­ce and existentia­l meaning; it is, for the nation of Tibet and Tibetan diaspora, an incursion of high Novelty.  In my opinion it is a decision that is beyond utilitarian expedience­, but an example of all of his teachings hitherto.  Contemplating superficially on the meaning of the event, at least to me, it is that there is nothing about the current state of the world that is and should be set in stone, and this holds true for culture, politics, and religion.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Waiting Sentinel: Postscript on Merit and Karma

I had written an entry called 'The Waiting Sentinel' on January 15, 2011.  Just recently, around March 3, I decided to reactivate my Facebook account after about two years of dormancy---which was a kind of a vow of cyber-silence, due to a practice of introversion---to see what happens.  Much to my surprise, I was able to reconnect with some very old friends, some from the early 80's, and even childhood friends from the late 60's.  It's very dreamlike.  

It's been intriguing; I even subtly experienced the removal of blockages in specific fields of memory-related energy in me.  Everything acts upon everything locally and nonlocally, but the more proximate the interaction, the stronger, denser, and more visceral the impact; interactions with friends are quite high up in the entangled hierarchy of powerful influences that embed their signatures and resonance into our psyche and fields of Habit.

I was and still am thrilled about having reconnected with Frank (see 'The Waiting Sentinel' blog entry, January 15, 2011), whose influence has once again reached proximity; what has been hitherto exclusively nonlocal has also become local again after decades of silent distance, and the event is stoking my imagination.  His direct communication to me has been a soothing balm, and he has started some very old wounds to begin healing.  I look forward for us to meet again, this time not as individuals only, but as families.  

As I ruminated about the dreamlike events, I reflected on the blog article that I had written, and the two other beings in the account, viz., the frenzied sentinel and the ex-Kenpeitai woman.  Even though the two of them have already entered back into the karmic, morphic whorl of transmigratory destinations a long time ago, they have left signatures that have rippled to touch the fields of others.  In having provoked those of us who have been (nonlocally) touched by them to contemplate the mysteries of being, and of actions and consequences, and even for having provided, however minutely, a subtle catalyst for facilitating a renewed, healing reconnection with my old friend Frank with respect to the sharing of memories, they have nonlinearly acquired merit.  

Such merits are transferred in practices of the in-between, Phowa, and even annual up to centennial memorials, for the sake of bringing auspiciousness to morphic fields of habitual karmas, for the sake of complete absorption into awakened reality-as-such.  I feel the fields of merit ripple back in vortices of time to soothe and liberate.  To heal the anguish of feverish delusions and deep pain; to bring relief and sublimation to the mindstreams of the Sentinel and the woman, just as they were then, even as their signatures still reverberate in the whorl of birth and death.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wittgensteinian Ramblings on Logic

Logic is logic. Straightforward. Formal. Structured. Edifice. Lots of pipes, nuts and bolts. There are types of logics. Fuzzy, intentional, temporal, quantum (of which there are several varieties), mathematical, Reichenbach's, Russell & Whitehead's, Boolean, Tarski's, Quine's, Hilbert's, Gödel's, von Neumann's, Norbert Wiener's, algebraic, geometric, deontic, modal, etc. etc. etc.  I even playfully invented two axiomatic systems of my own. What the hell is logic?  Mmm, yes, I once used to swim in this ocean. 

Logic never states anything. Logic is merely form.

No idea can describe reality an sich.  The words are all jumbled up.  Please define 'idea', 'true', 'reality'. Please define 'meaning'.  These are very key words. They cannot be used lightly.

The "true meaning" (we'll go with it for now) is of the heart and mind. Yes. Yes. Yes. Beyond articulation, beyond propositions, beyond assertions, beyond sentential constructions, beyond morphisms and maps, that.

What is there to understand?

Yes, experience.  That's the bottom line.

Here we go again,  your dichotomous juxtapositions.  Reality (let's just go with the term for now) subsumes the all.  Is the all.  There can be no contraposition versus reality.

When dealing with validity one is dealing with structure and form, i.e., logic.

So what the fuck's wrong with feelings?  They are just as ephemeral, eidetically speaking, as thoughts.

You seem to be conflating 'faith' and 'belief'.  Are they the same thing?  Most conscientious religionists would tell you that they are not.

So which is the real logic? After all, each one of them is logic.  And yes, it works, it's got all the bells and whistles. Which logic do you choose?  Logic is logic, yes, but saying this seems to go beyond tautology; i.e., we can say that there is a logic to logics, and that somehow there is a supralogic, some sort of arche of which all possible logics are infrastructures or instances.

Let me be straightforward here. You are stuck, even in your mindset, in a two-valued world. It's called dualism.  Call it manichaenism.  It's called seeing things in black and white, either/or, disjunctively, exclusively.

You would say, yes, I'm sure. Or would you? I asked you how you can justify your approach, or how you would defend it.  I see your procrustean universe chopped up into blocks, some pieces set to the left
and some pieces to the right.  Chop, chop, chop, crunch, cruch, crunch. Click, click, click. You're constantly focusing on the on/off switch.  

Surely this is not how your mind works, or does it?  Is it just ex post facto analysis? There was a time I believed my thoughts worked this way. To me my brain and thought processes were a mathematical labyrinth of plugs and wires, all parts interconnected and analyzable.  

Couple years later I visualized this edifice crumbling, folding in on itself, huge rods and pipes falling, walls caving, floors giving out, the framework starting to shake, slowly untangling its monstrous self, like one big amazing knot, A Gigeresque alien, snapping, breaking, cracking, a gargantuan edifice, a brittle pinnacle, breaking apart, falling apart. Categories, allegories, topologies, geometries, algebras, sheaves, manifolds, cohomologies, lattices, etc. etc. 

It is entirely possible to be stuck in a two-valued world, you know, like the Twilight Zone sort of thing.

Ontology.  Quine: "To be is to be a value of a variable."

Nope. Unconscious. Not sub or supra or infra or anything else.  Creatures of habit, you know, always doing things by habit, unconsciously.

You're enamored with your tools. Your tools are obstructing the way. They have cast a spell on you. Too much clincking and clancking going on.  You love the oil and the WD-40, the slick finish and shine.

You see, you're looking for logical corrections. You're still stuck in the disjunctive Either/Or world. 

Logic is inevitable.

Logic is beautiful. Logic is sexy. Yes, those operators, those maps, those functors, those nebulae of nested sets, topoi of sheaves and cohomologies of fibers!  Oh, the manifolds, the rings, the varieties.  Like a kid in a candy store... mmm...the toys of the brain.

But Logic is inevitable.

Just don't sacrifice burnt offerings to it.

Exorcise the Mr. Spock demon. He's a fake. You can evolve without him.

Is Faith a logical conclusion to an argument? Is Faith faith in the verity of propositions? The validity of arguments?

Click, chop, click. Look, after a certain point of understanding, looking for logical errors becomes petty, silly and annoying, no?  

Sometimes annoyance is necessary, you know, a socratic perplexity, if you want to get somewhere. 

The world view of materialism...hmm...sounds like a nasty nightmare or a hangover or something. 

Concerning multivalent logics, consider the following schematic: Let 2-v denote the Boolean/ Aristotlean/Venn-diagrammatic/truthfunctional first order logic, let 3-v denote quantum logic of three values/Reichenbach's three valued logic/ other 3-v syntactical formal languages, let א(Aleph)-v denote a multi-valued logic with cardinality of values mapped injectively into the set of integers and let P(א)-v denote the uncountably transfinite multi-valued logic (fuzzy logic with cardinality of values mapped injectively into the set of real numbers, probabilistic logics, quantum logics and logics over Hilbert spaces, etc.). Let ⊂ denote 'is a proper subset of':

∅  ⊂  2-v  ⊂  3-v  ⊂  א-v  ⊂  P(א-v)

I include '∅' as the empty set because a logic over the empty set (a logic over a single value) is still a logic, though trivial.  It is necessary to generate the Boolean universe of two values, as well as the rest of the logics over which are founded upon the theory of the construction of the field of real numbers (algebraically and set-theoretically).

At every step of the inclusions there is no falsification nor abrogation of the cruder logic; rather, the cruder logics get more and more refined.  They become more subtle, less "combinatoric."

The tertium non datur stops at 2-v; it simply doesn't apply to the rest.  Why do you think I listed so many different logics at first? You're stuck on one kind of logic. There are other logics. That's one of my points. My other point is that there is also _intuition_, supralogical "thinking" (or "non-thinking," even "blinking" in the M. Gladwell sense).

No, the world is not either/or.  The world of your two-valued logic is "either/or."  There are alternatives. Of course, sticking tenaciously to the two valued world is convenient for religious apologetics; after all, religions by and large divide the world into two parts, in many superficial (and hopefully provisional) aspects:


And so on, respectively. Isn't this what it's all about, though?  Isn't that why the law of the excluded middle is so "logically" important to your apologetics?

So please explain to me, as my original question to you was, why, if I'm wrong in my assessment, you would still stick tenaciously to a bivalent logic and insist that reality as such can only be divided into two parts and two parts only.

Humans don't live by accuracy alone, no?  Let's say, then, that accuracy is absolutely important, religio-dogmatically speaking.  So why is a two valued logic more accurate than n-valued logic (n > or = 3)?

There are more than two points to the logic stick. In fact, the logic stick is the real line unit interval [0,1], endpoints included. It has an uncountably infinite number of points.
Here's a commentary: emotion is ok. Logic is ok. Anything is ok. Just use them, be their master (not the other way around).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Time-Loop Portal

In 1995 I was practicing in front of the altar, and while meditating I had a vision of someone floating above the altar.  I didn't know who it was, if it was a divinity or what.  The being was wearing a red robe, and said nothing.  I forgot about this event eventually, and it was around six years later when I was practicing in front of our altar, I remembered my old practices in the past, and decided to retroject myself to the past to watch myself practice.  I was wearing a red robe when I did this practice.  As I watched myself practicing at the altar in the past, I suddenly remembered the vision I had in `95 of the person in a red robe floating above the altar.  I then became conscious of what I had done in the latter ritual and meditation, that I had brought that vision full-circle.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Vision of Transmigration

I then saw a vision of the plane of transmigration, the phenomenal world.  It was represented as a market place (it looked like a swap meet setup, with a bunch of shops lined up under pitched tents). Icons of Buddhas and deities were sold in some of the shops.  I was astounded at the paradox, that somehow, all of existence is a continuum with no beginning and no end, even while the street on which the market place existed began with my consciousness of it.  I was astounded that non-existence was the actual condition of existence, and that somehow the continuum was broached by the presence of non-existing deities to inform us about their own non-existence and about the non-existence of everything phenomenal.  It was a true miracle.  I was suspended in space and time.  Neither of them existed.  I experienced hierophany.  I was in total Bliss.  I began to laugh from the bottom of my being.