Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Epistemic Sugar Plums

Elemental, pristine disarray lending itself to the formulation of epistemological genesis-dance.  Wherein lies the thrashing, mashing, gnashing, digestion of the emergent cogs as they fight to fit all or none grooves.  Cog-nizance;  the tendrils of non thoughts, like sugar plums dancing in my headed inward and outward simultaneously grasping rasping, lapsing, loving, prancing, fancying, aching, breaking, lurking; not to pounce, but to encompass the absolute! Thus enjoying the irony of its own upgraded, degraded countenance. Beauty is in the eye, I, ideology, irony, iconography, idolatry, idiocy, insincerity, indelibility, inanity, insanity, of the beholder, beholden, beheaded.  Irrelevant, irreverent itinerant. Fasten your seat belt it’s going to Be. The marriage, mirage, ménage-a-trois, of Figaro; figments, figures, fissures, fascination, fallacious fabrications, fellatios and otherwise forensic, fiery, fits of fastidious fury conspire to create the non-created in a concealed backdoor boudoir of abbreviated intensity.