Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Intuitive Velocity

Dance in the space between the words.  The space, greater than any conceptualization, theme, morass, venue, reference point, delineation; vibrating in a concerto of unrefined luminescent phenomenal vulgarity.  Morphing, remorphing, then unfortunately solidifying.  Getting unequivocally stuck in the mire of ordinary conciousness, is not, as a rule, gratifying in and of itself except as it is representative of a larger evolution.  Non-movement towards something.  Neither coming or going.  Neither going nor coming.  Coming, going, going, coming, coing goming, commingling, gommingling  in  a virtual stew of electrical impulse triggered by the archetypal free set.  Indivisible, yet inalienably fragmented.  Demented? Fermented! Cemented in a labyrinth of ultimate sets of consciousness manifesting in dizzying multi-faceted fractally inclined harmonies.  Radical topology governed by the synthesis of The One.

Beyond The One is The One outside The One again and again. Ad infinitum equaling the subset of The One. Sacred telemetry ruled by the methodology of None. Faring no better than its counterpart the None has wed against its will to The All, culminating in an infinite subset of The One.

Scatologically entering into the void, the voice of earth. The tunnel of love, the funnel of power, the hall, the walls of form and function; interred, inferred, inturd, inured, inward, manured, maneuvered, reverberated,  consecrated, defacated, truncated, elated, elongated, agitated, repudiated, colossal colon-ial affiliate to the initiate. Tri-umverate, Try cum berate, try cum berate, try cum berate. A downward spiral of repressed energy, enemy, enema, edema, demon. Stagnating pools of incontinence triggering false truths curtailing breath and sensibility in an attempt to endocrinologically maintain the ephemeral density of matter over mind. Eliptically speaking, we’ve run amok, run a vajr-a mok-sha mu is what the sacred cow elucidates before spilled milk is offered in the great white hopes that the circle will be broken, shattered and made whole. Brevity, bravery, long-winded dispute.  Levity, livery, storehouse of ill-repute. Archeology, anthropology, phrenology and the origin of ‘mind’ are nothing more than militant, methodical, ego-logical contributors to time. Menagerie, monogamy All within the One. Never having ceased, we’ve only just begun