Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ode to Nancy: A Stream of Consciousness

Aquarius cometh, with crashing waves crashing her upon the rocks of nation foreign, soil unfamiliar and not of home, not inherently, not yet arriving, and the foundations will shudder.  Seeing before it is said, lucidity founded on higher ground, finding supernal height in the empyrean ether, Vertigo, even prior to Nine-Eleven, in response to prophecy, clair-sentience; Ankles pulled from under, the Undertow sacred Water of the feet-hooking Mudra of the Raven Chronos, Mother of superposition of three modalities of Being and Becoming, of the perfect entanglement of the Tranquil and Wrathful emanations of skillful means and dynamic of awakened expedience.  In the Unconscious waking of dream-state, the destruction of fivefold delusions, resonance beginning for the dawning of an Eon, from Tower to World, Sixteen to Twenty-One, and back to Zero again in evolved involution: Zero, Time-Wave Zero, the Omega Point Singularity, Future Attractor unto Absolute Novelty.