Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Rainbow Samaya

Rejecting Priesthood, departing away toward the immediacy of Love, away from delusions of false awakening, morphic fields of old without a shred of earth, without a shred of nature, without the presence of the Feminine, Who is Reality as such, without whom there is nothing, nothing but phallos and semen-ridden aggression.  The Double Rainbow, the gateway of the Future, the gateway of Love, the gateway of the Garden of the Dragon Flower.  After the Inception of the Age of Aquarius, a synchronous incident of fear, and yet, the Advent is near, the tipping-point is not yet, but the Peacock vehicle is descending, the Spider vehicle is rising, the two will wrathfully converge as superposed entanglement, interfused with Totality as such, rising, arising, arising Emerald, ever more green and evermore, Dragons ride astride burrowing Foxes in the Rabbit Hole.