Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Time-Loop Portal

In 1995 I was practicing in front of the altar, and while meditating I had a vision of someone floating above the altar.  I didn't know who it was, if it was a divinity or what.  The being was wearing a red robe, and said nothing.  I forgot about this event eventually, and it was around six years later when I was practicing in front of our altar, I remembered my old practices in the past, and decided to retroject myself to the past to watch myself practice.  I was wearing a red robe when I did this practice.  As I watched myself practicing at the altar in the past, I suddenly remembered the vision I had in `95 of the person in a red robe floating above the altar.  I then became conscious of what I had done in the latter ritual and meditation, that I had brought that vision full-circle.