Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Vision of Transmigration

I then saw a vision of the plane of transmigration, the phenomenal world.  It was represented as a market place (it looked like a swap meet setup, with a bunch of shops lined up under pitched tents). Icons of Buddhas and deities were sold in some of the shops.  I was astounded at the paradox, that somehow, all of existence is a continuum with no beginning and no end, even while the street on which the market place existed began with my consciousness of it.  I was astounded that non-existence was the actual condition of existence, and that somehow the continuum was broached by the presence of non-existing deities to inform us about their own non-existence and about the non-existence of everything phenomenal.  It was a true miracle.  I was suspended in space and time.  Neither of them existed.  I experienced hierophany.  I was in total Bliss.  I began to laugh from the bottom of my being.