Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Waiting Sentinel: Postscript on Merit and Karma

I had written an entry called 'The Waiting Sentinel' on January 15, 2011.  Just recently, around March 3, I decided to reactivate my Facebook account after about two years of dormancy---which was a kind of a vow of cyber-silence, due to a practice of introversion---to see what happens.  Much to my surprise, I was able to reconnect with some very old friends, some from the early 80's, and even childhood friends from the late 60's.  It's very dreamlike.  

It's been intriguing; I even subtly experienced the removal of blockages in specific fields of memory-related energy in me.  Everything acts upon everything locally and nonlocally, but the more proximate the interaction, the stronger, denser, and more visceral the impact; interactions with friends are quite high up in the entangled hierarchy of powerful influences that embed their signatures and resonance into our psyche and fields of Habit.

I was and still am thrilled about having reconnected with Frank (see 'The Waiting Sentinel' blog entry, January 15, 2011), whose influence has once again reached proximity; what has been hitherto exclusively nonlocal has also become local again after decades of silent distance, and the event is stoking my imagination.  His direct communication to me has been a soothing balm, and he has started some very old wounds to begin healing.  I look forward for us to meet again, this time not as individuals only, but as families.  

As I ruminated about the dreamlike events, I reflected on the blog article that I had written, and the two other beings in the account, viz., the frenzied sentinel and the ex-Kenpeitai woman.  Even though the two of them have already entered back into the karmic, morphic whorl of transmigratory destinations a long time ago, they have left signatures that have rippled to touch the fields of others.  In having provoked those of us who have been (nonlocally) touched by them to contemplate the mysteries of being, and of actions and consequences, and even for having provided, however minutely, a subtle catalyst for facilitating a renewed, healing reconnection with my old friend Frank with respect to the sharing of memories, they have nonlinearly acquired merit.  

Such merits are transferred in practices of the in-between, Phowa, and even annual up to centennial memorials, for the sake of bringing auspiciousness to morphic fields of habitual karmas, for the sake of complete absorption into awakened reality-as-such.  I feel the fields of merit ripple back in vortices of time to soothe and liberate.  To heal the anguish of feverish delusions and deep pain; to bring relief and sublimation to the mindstreams of the Sentinel and the woman, just as they were then, even as their signatures still reverberate in the whorl of birth and death.