Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aeon Card: Thoth Interpretation

Many years ago, we were at Powell's Bookstore in Portland, and saw a funny looking book with the title Tonguing the Zeitgeist, and the cover was that of a man deep kissing a skull.  We immediately understood at the time that it was most appropriate, because the Zeitgeist right now is that of death.  The old eon has come to a close and the collective unconscious, superconscious and mind know(s) this. We did a Tarot reading on Samhain night when the Aeon card XX showed up (we were using the Crowley-Thoth deck); to be brief, it's about making way for the new, but the creator of the new is still too young to know what to do and how to re-create.   The dissolution process is a catharsis and upheaval which leads to evolution. There is a bump on the evolutionary scale and the Neo-Neanderthals are tightening their grip.

Crowley's interpretation was given in the early 20th century, and time has been speeding up since then, more and more.  The inception of the new Aeon is such that it has started prior to the event horizon of Winter Solstice of 2012, to be officially heralded by the galactic alignment; therefore because of the event horizon, the future beyond it (which is in a state of unobserved superposition of pure potential) cannot be known or seen.  Hence the interpretation that the creator of the Aeon is yet in its infancy, and does not know how to create.  

Card 20 is usually called Judgment in most traditional decks.