Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Steampunk-paradigm example

Empty universe: Cosmology in the year 100 billion - space - 04 April 2011 - New Scientist

Article and philosophical review of the above: This is the kind of pompous scientific hubris and "small brains" thinking that has been prevalent in the world of science for who knows how long; there is no way to infer cosmology in the year 100 billion, there is absolutely no way to scientifically predict anomalies that have never happened hitherto.  It's the "Black Swan" principle a la N.N. Taleb. This is the kind of situation which calls for an "e-prime"-ish disclaimer, qualifier, amendment of sorts, something like "Based on current data, i.e., what we currently think we know about our local cosmology, and if things will remain perpetually the way things currently are as we know it ..." and so on.  

The Nonlocal and Conscious Cosmos is not a machine, it is not mechanics only. Yet again, the article shows the "Steampunk" paradigm of mechanistic, medievalist thinking in action.