Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flower Repository Chiliocosm

I've ranted against the non-wave-function-collapsing extra-conscious-agent multiverse model based on quantum theory in a couple of blog-articles, but would like to provide an alternative approach to the idea of the multiverse without the naivete of Dr. Johnson-esque realism (as an aside, recently read D. Deutsch's argument (Fabric of Reality) that went on and on about Dr. Johnson's demonstration of the veracity of realism.  I was aghast (not to mention that Deutsch is a proponent of H. Everett's many-worlds interpretation)).  

No, I want to cast aside the (extremely shitty) many-worlds argument of quantum realism, and approach the many-worlds subject from the standpoint of resonant practice instead.  The following is a meditative exercise. 

What does it mean for there to be many, infinite worlds?  Here's my interpretation from the space of practice.  Worlds interpenetrate, they interfuse, and these worlds exist on many levels, dimensions, and realms.  Consider the parasite that lives in another parasite that lives in an organ of a fish that lives in a dark ocean cave, and consider its ephemeral consciousness. Consider humans that live on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy in an ever larger galaxy, and also consider their size in relation.  Consider the subtle consciousness of vegetation and its participation in morphogenetic fields in terraformed planets throughout the universe.  

All these different levels of awareness, of consciousness, of participation in modalities of being-becoming, they are all interfused into a single consciousness, which in turn is reflective of the totality of all consciousnesses.  They called it "Indra's Net" of interpenetration.  Even a wispy thought of a thought, a fragment of a forgotten dream, participates in Reality-as-such, and is reflective of the Totality.  All is Consciousness and all interpenetrate the all.  Thus each emergent thought or nonlocal effect of a morphic field produces a new universe, even as the entire universe interpenetrates it.  Thus there are infinite universes interpenetrating each other, and this is the nature of the conscious body of the totality-as-such.