Sunday, April 10, 2011

Healing via Skype

My dear friend in another state, who is a masseur/healer/beekeeper/medicine-man called me today for our occasional Skype session to get caught up.  I've been suffering from pulled-muscle shoulder pain for a few weeks now, so I figured I'd mention it to him.  He first asked me where the pain was, and the pain had moved to the shoulder blade area, so he said he wanted to try something, and told me to turn my shoulder toward the monitor, and he gave me a remote, nonlocal healing-massage in that area.  I could feel circular motion and pressure in the area.  The session lasted about a couple of minutes, and I asked him if he used his thumb in a circular motion, but he said only in the beginning just a little, but the energetic healing was done mostly with the index, middle, and ring fingers.  The pain actually lifted completely from that area, and I'm feeling a lot of comfort right now.  Now that's what you call a healer.  Thank you Z, looking forward to seeing you soon again!