Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Father, April 13 Centenary

My Father, on the Centenary of his birth into this world

Born under celestial conflicts, afflicted and confused.
Sharp, calculator, suspicious.
Conquer thou with brute force, with ferocious temper
and Money.
All who have it not
are spurious dogs.
Hammer it to Me, to skinny dreamy Walter Mitty, 
the One and Only Injunction
for which thou hast given thine life unto Me
with existential exigency.
The Injunction:
Make Money.
For Money is All and conquers All
and this, provisionally,
is Truth Absolute.
For Me, the Jester,
there is no higher command.

Seeder and messenger.
Peripheral noise thou didst make
of Fear as propensity.
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Darkness and Madness lie in wait.
Seizer, even at death,
thy Dybuk wreaked vengeance
of sickness and poverty.
Haunt no more, Dybuk, and never again.
Thy merits are Great.
Join now the retinue of the Blessed
and learn Joy.
For thou hast now become 

Alexander Louis Caplan
(1911 - 1994)