Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Thoughts on the Living Universe

The idea of archetypal absolutes is passé; its convincing, paradigmatic spectre rises from the Atlantean depths to haunt the neural pathways of human thought.  Archetypal absolutism is a quasi-theology of sorts, a pythagorean neoplatonism with respect to symbols, numbers, Euclidean-geometric objects, scientific so-called laws, psychology, and so forth so on.  

The Totality of Being is infused with Consciousness, and yet, archetypes are in the same category as immense blocks of titanium; they don't budge and they don't change.  Is Being nondual with Becoming, and are they in a reciprocity of co-creative proactivity?  Is the Totality alive?  Aren't morphic resonances signatures of the Life Force?  And as such, isn't everything evolving into modalities of sublimation, in all eventuality?  But would that imply that the Second Law of Thermodynamics is somehow incorrect, that there is such a thing as some kind of negentropic force that rectifies absolute dissipation, and utilizes the opposite dynamic in its favor?  

In all eventuality there is the epiphenomenal, synergistic arising whose sum is greater than its parts. It's the very Wonder of the Life Force.  It evolves, it grows, it nurtures, it destroys, it sublimates.