Friday, April 29, 2011

UFOs of the Buddhaverse

I was translating, as it is a part of my work, a commentary on esoteric Buddhist procedures, and came across the following image:
The figure is referred to as the "Buddha-crown"; it is that of the iconographic top of the Buddha-head, which is shown with an extra, small bump on top.  It represents the manifestation of the Supermind above the head, and it is sometimes referred to as a "fleshly mound."  

There are personifications of this iconic form, the most famous one being called the "Golden Wheel."  The Chinese logogram for 'wheel' can also be translated as 'disk,' and the connection of disk to this shape is rather interesting.  The Golden Wheel or Golden Disk is the awakened modality of the conscious cosmos, and it is understood to be the central divinity with respect to the Zodiac, Lunar Mansions, the planets, stars, and galaxies.     

My interpretation of the ancient iconography, with respect to the context at hand, is somewhat Jungian, in that I do not consider, say, the famous Adamski-type flying saucer to have ontological primacy over the Crown iconography (i.e., in terms of the approach of the E. von Däniken "ancient aliens" school); I believe that I would be otherwise putting the cart before the horse.  I am not discounting the ancient-aliens approach wholesale across the board, let there be no misunderstanding; I turn the tables around, right now, with respect to this specific subject only.  

Adamski-type UFO

My reasoning is as follows, and I am applying the "Subtle Approach" (c.f. blog article "A Subtle Approach to UFOs and 'Aliens'" January 26, 2011) per my own suggestion: Golden Wheel or Golden Disk is the icon of the unifying totality of the Mandala-body, the Circular Totality (which is implicit in the term 'Mandala'), thus, the icon represents the overarching principle of the Cosmos, and hence, of the stars, constellations, galaxies, etc.  This resonance is subtly present in all aspects of being as a result, inasmuch as everything is star-stuff.  Hence the ontological primacy of the morphic field of the Golden Disk.  Now the UFO can be understood with respect to the background of the phenomenon of the living morphic resonance of the icon itself which manifests in multifarious forms of UFOs--- among other things, of course---but why the UFO?    

Because the very (collective) unconscious idea as such of the UFO is that of a flying saucer, a flying disk, a flying circle, which in all eventuality has shown itself to have variant morphisms.  They fly, i.e., they approach from another space, another dimension, another world; they traverse in silence and mysterious patterns.  Thus, even without considering their material aspect, they interweave with our unconscious expectation of what a supernal vehicle of supernal beings---who are cosmic representatives and humanoid---would be; they would have to be homomorphisms of their ontological arche, the Golden Disk, the icon of the mandalic totality.  The phallic rocket just wouldn't cut it (unless of course we might be thinking in terms of the vehicle of aggressive Reptilians).

Lastly, a short note with regard to Method, in making contact with the resonance of the arche of its flying homomorphisms.  The hand-gesture (called "mudra") that is called the "bowl" is that which channels, together with universal sounds (find a suitable sound for yourself) and visualization, the resonant, subtle field that interweaves with the Mandalic, cosmic aspect of the Golden Disk (this is standard esoteric-tantric practice, by the way).  The hand-gesture is likened to that which is made when scooping water to splash your face, for example.  Instead of being all-cerebral, the "Subtle Approach" should also entail method(s) for interweaving with the resonance of UFOs, and thus of the Mind-UFOs as well, flying in deep space of the recesses of consciousness.

Arche homomorphism manifesting in natural cloud formation