Friday, May 20, 2011

From a Dream Journal Entry

April 25-94 (journal continued)

I had a dream the next day after this night, during daylight.  I, in the dream, was walking on a path.  The path seemed to be somewhere in the Orient.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and there were wisps of clouds.  As I walked the path, there was a flock of unidentifiable and rainbow-colored birds …   

They were the size of flamingos or larger.  They were levitating in the air, as if they were flying but ever so slowly, as if in slow motion.  Since they were barely moving and I was walking, I walked right past them, until I turned to look at them from the side.  One of them, the one nearest to me, began to rotate slowly upwards, facing the sky.  Then it started to move directly skyward, up.  I looked up to the sky above it, and a flying Tori’i  (sacred gate), made of clouds, came flying right over it, as if a gateway was being made.  The bird-creatures were colorful things, rather disturbing in a way.  They had whiskers like those of a Chinese dragon.
Now as the flying creatures headed upward toward the Tori’i, I turned around to look behind me.  There was an enormous aircraft---which looked like a space shuttle, or had a space shuttle engine---was plunging head first to the hills and mountains.  The aircraft was made of clouds, so it seemed . . . The same day and night, I learned of the second largest plane crash in Japan's history.  What occurred was that the pilot could not gauge the distance of the ground to the plane properly, and the plane came down nose first. 

I was dismayed as usual by this correlation of noumenal dream to phenomenal incident; I had never felt good after catching this kind of ripple-effect.  I mulled over and over about the ritual.  The ritual truly beefed up the psychic-subtle resonances that night---the spraining of the ankle and the dream were aspects of premonition.