Friday, May 13, 2011

The Grand Inquisitor

"Under our rule and sway all will be happy, and will neither rebel nor destroy each other as they did while under Thy free banner. Oh, we will take good care to prove to them that they will become absolutely free only when they have abjured their freedom in our favor and submit to us absolutely ... But we will gather the sheep once more and subject them to our will for ever. We will prove to them their own weakness and make them humble again 

". . . We will give them that quiet, humble happiness, which alone benefits such weak, foolish creatures as they are, and having once had proved to them their weakness, they will become timid and obedient, and gather around us as chickens around their hen. They will wonder at and feel a superstitious admiration for us, and feel proud to be led by men so powerful and wise that a handful of them can subject a flock a thousand millions strong. Gradually men will begin to fear us. They will nervously dread our slightest anger, their intellects will weaken ...

". . . What I now tell thee will come to pass, and our kingdom shall be built, I tell Thee not later than to-morrow Thou shalt see that obedient flock which at one simple motion of my hand will rush to add burning coals to Thy stake, on which I will burn Thee for having dared to come and trouble us in our work. For, if there ever was one who deserved more than any of the others our inquisitorial fires--it is Thee! To-morrow I will burn Thee. Dixi'."

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (the "Grand Inquisitor" pericope)

Organized religion is and has been a tyrannical force.  That which is not based on national, colonial, or imperially approved/authorized organization is condemned as heresy, as "left-hand path," as spurious heterodoxy, as "infidel," as lowbrow, as evil, and at worst, as devil-worship, a one-way ticket to tarnation.  The religion of the masses, the national institution, the cultural cornerstone, always becomes the standard, the oppressive Tyrannosaurus Rex that tramples on non-conformity and unauthorized spirituality.  And not to mention the infighting and fighting among religions.  All cultural institutions and foundations of national ideologies (judeochristianislamic, hindu, buddhist) disapprove of that which doesn't fit into the delineated confines of their authorized procrustean bed.   

Shamanic and magical heritages are deemed threatening to prevailing religiocultural institutions, in the same way that mind-expanding, involutionary medicines are to societal systems of uniformity and conformity; alcohol is conducive to unquestioning extroversion, even as legal antidepressants and so on shut down faculties of self-reflective introversion.  The inner, invisible landscape (to borrow the concept of the McKenna brothers) must be blocked and walled up, with warning labels posted all over it, to scare the fuck out of would-be dabblers out to test the mysterious waters, who just might start questioning the dogmas of cultural standardizations.
The "governmental coverup" UFO conspiracy is but a ruse; the denial of the inner landscape is the "conspiracy."  UFOs are intimately tied to the inner landscape anyway.  Extraterrestrial UFOs don't pose as much a threat as do all vehicles of psychoterrestrial flight in intrastellar, introgalactic space.  
Authentic, eclectic shamanism allows access and interweaving with morphic fields of telos by way of suprarational mysticism (Note: I am speaking of responsible eclectic shamanism, wise and well-informed; it's not a fancy euphemism for copping a buzz, dabbling with charlatanism, New Agey ego-trip pretentiousness, and a whole lot of other pseudospiritual horseshit).  Organized religions, on the other hand, do the exact opposite; they must dilute, dissuade, forbid, prohibit, efface, deny, vilify, and condemn all unauthorized access to the vast mystical domain.  They used to burn 'em at the stake, for christ's sake.  It is imperative to assert themselves as sole orthodox authority, to have a monopoly, to perpetuate the institution, the facile fabrication that they have come to believe in.  In the same way that colossal corporations uproot local small businesses and competitors, institutionalized religious organizations have a life of their own; they are reptilian dinosaurs of great worldly power and influence, and must perpetually seek that leverage to not only persist and survive, but to further their dominion over the world of inner freedom.