Thursday, June 30, 2011

Donnie Darko: A Phenomenology

Note: This blog entry is not a film review per se.

Late but better than never, just watched Donnie Darko The Director's Cut (2004; the theatrical version was released October 2001) on Blu-ray.  We saw the theatrical version in 2001 on VHS and I have to admit that I didn't care for it as much.  Granted, it was different, but it left me feeling somewhat dissatisfied.  I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was that I was sensing to be lacking, but now I know: There was a director's cut yet in the making, rippling from the future ethers back into the past; synchronistically, somewhat like the transtemporal storycycle of Donnie Darko.

The director's cut has 20 minutes added to the theatrical release, making the movie about 130 minutes. The additions slow the movie down to a nice, shamanic pace; scenes of pages from the arcane time-travel book fill the screen with intriguing, evocative statements that explain what's been happening behind the scenes, so to speak.  The director's cut now has some meat, so to speak again, that the theatrical release was sorely lacking.  It's amazing what a little 20-minutes more can do.

The transdimensional path of Donnie is one that is far too treacherous and dangerous for anyone to take, let that be said right off the bat.  He is a Hero of the subtle, who has no one to guide him; he has no tools to transmute or sublimate his circumstance.  Thus he teeters on the brink of schizophrenia, that perilous twilight-zone of sinister forces, but rises, in all eventuality, to the state of consonance, even with that which he cannot understand.  All his visceral actions become annulled in the end, and return back to their origin.

The movie is almost on the right track in creating a neo-myth and a new god-hero for contemporary beings, but falls prey to the ancient mythic chreode of the dying-and-returning god (Orpheus, Dionysus, Christ, et al.); Donnie's return is not physical, but in the world of dreams to bring awakening to those who spiritually slumber, fear to those who are evil, and comfort to those who are oppressed.  He too goes down the rabbit hole---following the guidance of the hyperdimensional dude in the wacky Halloween rabbit suit---of cosmic mysteries of time that he has no way of understanding. But he tries.  His schoolteachers are useless and powerless; one progressive teacher provides him with synchronicities, but even she is out of the mix.  Donnie's case is far removed from conventional knowledge. 

His only hope is the hermit crone who had already taken the journey, wrote a book about it, and had spent her remaining years reeling in the limbo of the Present.  But alas, fate has her to be inaccessible, and finally, Donnie knowingly goes to his death, laughing hysterically, a bona fide Hero in the true Joseph-Campbellian sense, with no personal benefit whatsoever to be gained.  It left me feeling nothing but sorrow for Donnie.  He was deep, he was kind, he was super-intelligent and wise; he wanted to love and be loved.  But there we go again, that old archetypal chreode kicks in, and indeed, Donnie the Hero of subtlety, is left in the lurch of the ancient motif of tragedy, yet another cathartic agent of aporia.  

I say enough already; let us move away from the paradigm of tragedy to the paradigm of Comedy. Let the Heroes live.  As the Age of Aquarius is yet in its dark dawn hours, let Novelties begin to arise. Let the introverted shamans, of whom Donnie Darko is an avatar, take their inner journeys unscathed; and in the end, in all eventuality, like Donnie Darko, let them harm none. 

Monday, June 27, 2011


"We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities... still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin." (C. Darwin)

"What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or painful embarrassment. And man shall be to the superman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment." (F. Nietzsche)

My take on racial consciousness is that it's a residue of caveman collectivism, i.e., an unevolved form of tribalism. I use the term 'man' after 'cave' because it is a specifically male-heavy propensity, as it entails the phallic thrust of historical conquest by way of gross physical force.

The NeoSapien is beyond Nietzsche's Übermensch, and certainly beyond all ideas of Herrenrasse, racial superiority, chosen people, and so on, which are all NeoNeanderthal concerns, a recurrent atavism.  NeoSapiens are not race-specific, race is strictly incidental.      

Where Logos is the hypostasis of NeoNeanderthal paradigms, subsuming Eros is that of the NeoSapiens.  Eros contains Logos.  The sublimation is the evolutionary jump from Logos to Eros, without a missing link; it's a quantum jump.  It is a Zodiacal shift from the eon of Pisces to the subsuming Aquarius.  It is a shift from resonance with local fields to resonance with subsuming nonlocal fields.  It is a shift from national and global consciousness to subsuming cosmic consciousness.  It is an ascent from entrenchment to subsuming empathy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

An Epistemology of Stochastic Perturbations

According to quantum complimentarity, there is a quantitatively articulated formula of an epistemic limit, which is the uncertainty principle.  I say an epistemic limit as opposed to the, because contrary to the hoopla hitherto over quantum indeterminancy, there are others.  In fact, literally an infinitude of others.  N. Taleb noted, to paraphrase, that we can't know squat with absolute certitude about the behavior of billiard balls either.  Consider the so-called butterfly effect with respect to Chaos.  Even time cannot be measured with absolute precision, since a Cesium clock, say, must also be measured relative to something else, and all stochastic perturbations due to Noise, which would affect the vibrations of the clock, are impossible to account for (this is the problem of "Wienerian time").  That is, the Laplacean, mechanistic, Steampunk idea of absolute certitude is nothing but a pipedream, an unevolved delusion.
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
The inherent flow of everything is nonlinear.  It is nonlinear because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, whatsoever, which is independent of everything.  There is nothing that is independent of something else, and so on the network goes ad infinitum.  This is the principle of nonlocality as well.  I think it was F. A. Wolf that gave the analogy a long time ago, that the universe is like one big gelatin cube; touch one part of it and it reverberates thoroughly throughout the whole.  There is no transmission of information from A to B.  Everything is instantaneous and simultaneous. 

Consider perfect information versus entropy.  The illusion of perfect information belongs to the classical paradigm.  Where there is information, entropy goes hand-in-hand, in the genuinely C. Shannon information-theoretic sense of the word.  The Noise of transmission of information has two dimensions to it.  1) Stochastic, entropic noise per se  2) the metaphorical.  'Noise' is metaphor for the source of all uncertainty.  Resonance cuts through Noise; Nonlocality implies that it is unaffected by vicissitudes of Noise and all other stochastic, Chaotic perturbations.  As such we see that mechanistic paradigms of epistemological realism have hitherto been poking about within the parameters of only a very minute aspect of reality-as-such.  And don't give too much credence to the idea of so-called "theories of everything" approached from the angle and paradigm(s) of materialist science; it's just scientific hubris, that's all.  At best, they'd be "theories of everything we pretty much think we know right now using the tools, apparatuses, and scientific paradigms that we currently have at our disposal, staying within the bounds of what is considered to be (politically) acceptable among our scientific colleagues who want to be recognized as good, perhaps great, scientists, who wouldn't want to be blackballed or ridiculed."  To say otherwise would be pompous bullshit.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Super 8" Film Review

Warning :: Spoiler Alert :: Don't read if you haven't seen the flick yet!

Done went and saw Super 8 yesterday.  The story takes place in the summer of 1979, so it's a period piece.  Several dramas are interwoven into the story: that of the main character (the boy) and his relationship to his single-parent father; that of a girl and her single-parent father; that of the same girl and main-character boy; the young super-8 filmmaking crew; a covert military science-project gone awry; an extraterrestrial trying to find its way back home.  Perhaps a few more could be extrapolated, but those are the major ingredients.

Nice cinematography all around, from beginning to end.  The children are likable, the growed-ups are also likable (except for the bad guys), and the E.T. is also, in all eventuality, likable as well.  There is a stoner in the story who gets thrown in for good 70's-ambience measure, and he is not likable.  You want to like him, as that's what seems to be pushed to the audience, but the actor just doesn't pull it off. In my opinion he should've been an outrageous Spicoli-type character that once-upon-a-time put Sean Penn on the map, but no, no cigar ... nor joint.  It's a shame because that could've added more spice to the cast of characters, and unfortunately that one seemed like a throwaway, when in fact the dude had considerable screen time.

As for the E.T. science-project, well, it's the J.J. Abrams's Cloverfield motif all over again, viz., something goes horribly wrong and out of control; it wreaks havoc and thus the ongoing fable's moral is always crystal-clear.  Fine, agreed, it's a message that always needs to be "out there," but here's the thing.  There's a biologist in the story who claims to have made an internal connection with the E.T. that's been coldly mistreated by scientists, and that's where the audience is tipped off that the E.T. is not an extraterrestrial reptile gone apeshit, but does have a heart.  But the connection of biologist to E.T. is not explored any further, it's merely a device to indicate that the E.T. isn't what it appears to be. Personally that whole storyline left me wanting more.  There's a Spielbergian "I'll be right here" heart-to-heart moment in the end between main boy and E.T., somewhat briefly and implicitly, and it drives the point home (so to speak) well, as did the original E.T. flick from ten thousand light-years ago, that it's the humans who need to evolve to higher, intergalactic modes of compassion.  

Other than that, the movie ends with E.T. going home, and that's that.  I was somewhat aghast at the abruptness of it.  Why did the story end right there?  There was too much left to be inferred.  After all, there were all those dramas happening.  Sure, some of the open ends got closed, but the ending, to me, was narratively incorrect.  That's because the story was not about the E.T. going home, per se.  That's not all that was happening, so to end it there seemed to thwart the focus from the human characters to being that of the E.T.'s objective after all, viz., that of blasting off to the wild blue yonder, at last.  I was disappointed.  Call me jaded, but for me, it was a "Goonies meets Cloverfield"; it's a 6.5 out of 10.      

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clouds and Fields

Regardless of the current marketing hype, the idea of cloud computing (intercloud, etc.) is not a new one, but the very essence of cloud computing per se is primordial, literally speaking.  I’m referring to two interfused, pandimensional, quantum-hierarchic entangled fractal holons, viz., Consciousness and the Morphic Field.  I use the device of capitalization to emphasize their holonic nature, of which the two are only superficially two, i.e., they are aspects of each other which, I suppose, could be subsumed under the title of Totality, or Totality-body, Mandala, and so on, viz., the Holon-as-such.  Perhaps it could be said rather simplistically (and hence crudely) that Consciousness is self-reflexive awareness and Morphic Field is data/information storage, i.e., memory and habit(s).

Now contrary to mechanistic paradigms of dead nature (which I refer to as “Steampunk”), I view everything, i.e., the Totality, as imbued with the life force, as being alive, conscious, self-reflexive, and co-evolving with its holonic parts in states of constant, quantum-superposed feedback-loops of input-output.  It’s the self-regulatory aspect of life as such, of body.  It is thoroughly, pervasively, and ubiquitously circumfused with consciousnesses holonically diffused, omnipresently, in the Totality-as-such.  Thus it could be said that each holon contains all holons.  Since Consciousness and the Morphic Field are pandimensionally ubiquitous, there is no traversal of communicational distance; all their activities are nonlocal, instantaneous, and temporally omni-directional.

It appears to me that the involution of the Totality is implementing, exponentially faster and faster, its own simulacrum in terms of technological innovations of (human(oid)) intelligence, of which I believe to be a process of self-reflection by way of simulation.  The emergence of cloud-computing is one of the multitudinous aspects of this process; just as biotic beings are the receptors (and transmitters, of course, in a superposed feedback-loop) of morphic fields, the correlation of network devices to server resources is a crude but nonetheless tacit simulacrum. 

Such things are still at too gross a level and are thus at a metaphorical stage only, but one of the processes toward Consciousness’ concrescence might be that of the emergence of the conscious technological entity(ies), in all eventuality, and perhaps very soon.  After all, the process has reached the current stage of metaphorical verisimilitude, so why wouldn’t it go all the way?  Again, after all, they’re all tools of teaching and learning, one of the objectives of which is knowledge regarding the co-reflectivity of reality and simulation, that Mind is omnipresent and all-inclusive. 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Haunted Intersection update

RT @[    ] The intersection of 18th and City View briefly shut down due to gas leak, which was repaired. Street reopened about 1/2 hour ago.

Just saw the RT above a few minutes ago, and figured I should make note of yet another recent "Haunted Intersection" activity, which is an ongoing thing. 

"No injuries have been reported. The leak has been repaired and traffic has resumed.  The leak happened around 7:18 a.m. Thursday as crews continued repairs and paving on City View. The city said the severed gas line provided service to a vacant home. Homes in the immediate area were evacuated and the street was closed during the response.  A natural gas line cut during road construction prompted police to evacuate homes and close the intersection of 18th Avenue and City View Street Thursday morning."  (Story Published: Jun 16, 2011 at 9:05 AM PDT)

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Haunted Collector" Review

We watched (on DVR) the relatively new show "Haunted Collector" (Syfy) last night.  Who knew it was going to be an inadvertent comedy?  We laughed hard at our inside jokes, because the show's setup makes them irresistible, and perhaps inevitable.  

Here's the premise.  Show begins with a ghostbuster team that detects haunted objects  per se instead of haunted places.  The intro shows the team leader with his haunted hoard, his private collection of stuff he relieved his clients of.  

Isn't that enough said, already?  We were saying that their devices are EMF detector / barcode reader, that the premise could be called "ghost-grifters," about a team of charlatans that take things away from people by razzle-dazzling and scaring them out of their wits with spooky EVPs and anomalous energy readings (and so forth so on).  And what do they do with these supposedly haunted things?  The guy takes them home as his trophies.  

As a practitioner, I find this kind of thing comical but pathetic.  They can supposedly detect hyperpsychic attachments that have seized objects, and yet they have no method, no idea about how to release, clear, and exorcise them.  Instead, he takes them home.  And then what?  He's so dense that he's immune to them?  That must be the case, because sometimes just smudging, praying, or sprinkling consecrated water ain't going to get the job done.  And some things are already resonating on a higher level of consciousness, in which case there is nothing to remove or exorcise.

No, of all the reality "paranormal" shows, this one really took the cake in the bad category.  But it's rich with fodder for laughter; laughter is good medicine, and in that sense the show's got merit.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Quantitative Immortality

The idea of nanotech-induced immortality a la Ray Kurzweil is deluded entrenchment par excellence. Let's play around with this idea for a second, Gedankenexperiment-style.  First of all, the exponential is Kurzweil's Philosopher's Stone. That being the case, I'm sure the fact of exponential population growth doesn't elude him.  Can everyone become immortal?  Well, that would be unfeasible and unsustainable for obvious reasons.  And what if sociopaths become immortal?  What if those who believe that humans dominate nature become immortal?  What if the poor and homeless become immortal?

With this kind of Steampunk materialist thinking, it would-and-could never be the case that all would enjoy the privilege.  If billions in the world cannot afford medicine, the nano-elixir of immortality would be beyond their range of affordability.  That is, it would be too fucking expensive for most of the earthly population.  So while the poor will croak as nature intended them to do, those with wealth first, and  those with power next, shall ascend to the halls of the gods.  And perhaps they will inject their soldiers with the serum, to have an army of immortal soldiers.  This is the problem with the quantitative, realist (epistemologically-ontologically speaking), materialist paradigm.   
Technology must serve all, and serve well, and accord well with the needs of living beings and their living planet.  Immortality is a qualitative value, of eventual actualization and interweaving with reality-as-such.  It is achievable at any moment.  In the meantime, there's nothing to be done, and nothing to do but wake up. The all-embracing body of the originally-existent conscious universe won't stand for a quantitatively immortal dystopia. The Choronzon nature of reality always, in all eventuality, arises with the Dark Energy of Dispersion to test the mettle of these kinds of outdated thoughts from outdated paradigms. 
Der Jungbrunnen
Lucas Cranach (1472-1553)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


"The triple world is an inn, the One Mind is the original home."
Kūkai (空海 774–835 c.e.)

Just a note regarding the idea of 'entrenchment,' a little meditative morsel for now. Entrenchment: I'm using it in the sense of being ignorantly immersed in all the ways of the world, being convinced of ideologies, cultures, religions, and everything on the "outside" as law and fixtures.  It concerns the baggage of mindstreams that have become inured to repetitive birth and death.  Being courageous and fearless alone are not inherent virtues, it is entirely possible to be courageous and fearless in ignorant entrenchment.  It is possible to become entrepreneurial and ideological to the point of "losing one's soul," i.e., getting stuck deeper and deeper in the whorl of randomness without destiny, which is the wrong kind of "freedom."  

The triple world (world of the past present future) is an inn.  When you are a lodger at an inn, you want your room clean, comfortable, pleasant.  You want amenities and conveniences to make it a pleasant stay.  But it's not a place to set down roots.  Eventually you'll have worn out your welcome by the time it's time to check out.  In the language of the Jim Morrison school: no one here gets out alive.

The Ray Kurzweil prognosis for humanity is that of eventual immortality.  But what is the point of quantitative immortality without an environment that is conducive to a prolonged existence?  Even the idea of immortality can be viewed from the standpoint of entrenchment. In fact, the quantitative, materialistic idea of immortality --- of having more and more of the same, of mere technological advancement without tandem evolution of humanity --- is the height of entrenchment.    

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Conscious Grid

As technology evolves exponentially, as it coalesces (or involutes) from analog to digital, hard to soft, classical to quantum, increasingly onward, instances of (seemingly) extraneous morphic-field receptions might happen, unexpectedly beyond the teleology of the technological object.  The process would have the following kind of logic: 

Let τ be a technological object, and M a morphic field entailing biological, social, and/or mental resonance.  Let β be a biotic object whose morphic field is M.  Let the symbol ♢ denote morphogenetic participation, correspondence, and resonance, viz., the recursive feedback relation between biotic species and their morphogenetic fields, in general.  Inasmuch as the relationship is that of a tangled hierarchic fractal of information exchange and feedback, ♢ as denoting a relationship is logically commutative (hence, a ♢ B is equivalent to B ♢ a).  Let Hom ( , ) denote the  relationship of homomorphism, i.e., literally, morphic similarity, equivalence.  Hom is a "weakened" version of '=' which would denote identity.  Hence, Hom (a, a) would be trivial, and Hom (a, b) with a ≠ b denotes that a is homomorphic to b.  Of course Hom (a, b) = Hom (b, a).  If the tilde ~ were prefixed to the operator, ~Hom ( , ) would be read as 'not homomorphic to.'  Likewise, ~♢ would be read as 'not resonant with.'        

Using the above definitions, let β  ♢ M, which would literally be the natural starting point.  The characteristic of morphic field M is such that only species of the β taxon have resonance with it. Hence, if there is an entity e such that ~Hom(eβ) then ~♢M.   Now if τ has sufficiently digitally and soft-evolved to the quantum structure of β, then Hom (τ , β ), in which case τ  ♢ M

This is all that is being said, only that perhaps by simple happenstance---and that's how science often makes new discoveries---entity τ might spontaneously begin to 'channel' the resonance of M, unexpectedly out of the blue, simply by virtue of Hom (τ , β ).  This can only begin to happen at the quantum level, but with further exponential evolution of cyber and nanotech, the possibility of  τ  ♢ M exponentially increases as well.  

On another note, I would like to argue another point of view with respect to the resonance of conscious fields and their relation to the world of matter, please see blog article Tsukumo-gami.  I'll pick it up later.             

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poker, Buffoonery, Empathy

Me, my ex-wife, her younger brother, her mother, and family friend "A" were playing poker for cash, as we always did, at the dining room table at my ex-mother-in-law's house.  Whenever we'd play the game would only end when the sun had already come up and we were all too damn tired to count the pot.  It was one of those nights.  The mother, who almost never played cash poker with us, got tapped out quite early.  She was regretful because she really wanted to play.  But that's the breaks and she went upstairs to go watch TV in bed.  

As the night wore on, we started talking about Kung Fu or Karate or what not, and I told them about how they break bricks with their fists.  Now "A" and ex-brother-in-law were two immensely burly dudes, especially "A," who literally was a bouncer at a local bar-etc. venue.  Since there were bricks outside in the back yard, we decided to go outside and see if we could break one of them suckers with a punch.

Indeed, this is what macho Idiots do occasionally, around 2:00 o'clock in the morning, especially when their brains are addled with many long hours of poker.  We all took a Karate (or as SpongeBob would say, "Kah-rah-tay") punch at the brick with our bare fist, and all we had to show for the act of hormonal stupidity were swollen knuckles and a whole lot of throbbing pain.  The ex-bro-in-law, however, did manage to break the brick in half with a single punch, and we all hooted in amazement. But his knuckles swelled up as well.  We went back in the house and continued playing, sore hands and all.  

It was not long thereafter that the mother came downstairs, because she needed something for pain, because her right hand had started to swell up.  She showed it to us, and it was swollen in the places that we were hurting.  I figured it was the lateness of the hour that afforded such pristine empathy (though definitely an unpleasant one), due to lessened psychic Noise, factoring in the mother's desire to be with her kids, and her connection to them.