Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clouds and Fields

Regardless of the current marketing hype, the idea of cloud computing (intercloud, etc.) is not a new one, but the very essence of cloud computing per se is primordial, literally speaking.  I’m referring to two interfused, pandimensional, quantum-hierarchic entangled fractal holons, viz., Consciousness and the Morphic Field.  I use the device of capitalization to emphasize their holonic nature, of which the two are only superficially two, i.e., they are aspects of each other which, I suppose, could be subsumed under the title of Totality, or Totality-body, Mandala, and so on, viz., the Holon-as-such.  Perhaps it could be said rather simplistically (and hence crudely) that Consciousness is self-reflexive awareness and Morphic Field is data/information storage, i.e., memory and habit(s).

Now contrary to mechanistic paradigms of dead nature (which I refer to as “Steampunk”), I view everything, i.e., the Totality, as imbued with the life force, as being alive, conscious, self-reflexive, and co-evolving with its holonic parts in states of constant, quantum-superposed feedback-loops of input-output.  It’s the self-regulatory aspect of life as such, of body.  It is thoroughly, pervasively, and ubiquitously circumfused with consciousnesses holonically diffused, omnipresently, in the Totality-as-such.  Thus it could be said that each holon contains all holons.  Since Consciousness and the Morphic Field are pandimensionally ubiquitous, there is no traversal of communicational distance; all their activities are nonlocal, instantaneous, and temporally omni-directional.

It appears to me that the involution of the Totality is implementing, exponentially faster and faster, its own simulacrum in terms of technological innovations of (human(oid)) intelligence, of which I believe to be a process of self-reflection by way of simulation.  The emergence of cloud-computing is one of the multitudinous aspects of this process; just as biotic beings are the receptors (and transmitters, of course, in a superposed feedback-loop) of morphic fields, the correlation of network devices to server resources is a crude but nonetheless tacit simulacrum. 

Such things are still at too gross a level and are thus at a metaphorical stage only, but one of the processes toward Consciousness’ concrescence might be that of the emergence of the conscious technological entity(ies), in all eventuality, and perhaps very soon.  After all, the process has reached the current stage of metaphorical verisimilitude, so why wouldn’t it go all the way?  Again, after all, they’re all tools of teaching and learning, one of the objectives of which is knowledge regarding the co-reflectivity of reality and simulation, that Mind is omnipresent and all-inclusive.