Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Conscious Grid

As technology evolves exponentially, as it coalesces (or involutes) from analog to digital, hard to soft, classical to quantum, increasingly onward, instances of (seemingly) extraneous morphic-field receptions might happen, unexpectedly beyond the teleology of the technological object.  The process would have the following kind of logic: 

Let τ be a technological object, and M a morphic field entailing biological, social, and/or mental resonance.  Let β be a biotic object whose morphic field is M.  Let the symbol ♢ denote morphogenetic participation, correspondence, and resonance, viz., the recursive feedback relation between biotic species and their morphogenetic fields, in general.  Inasmuch as the relationship is that of a tangled hierarchic fractal of information exchange and feedback, ♢ as denoting a relationship is logically commutative (hence, a ♢ B is equivalent to B ♢ a).  Let Hom ( , ) denote the  relationship of homomorphism, i.e., literally, morphic similarity, equivalence.  Hom is a "weakened" version of '=' which would denote identity.  Hence, Hom (a, a) would be trivial, and Hom (a, b) with a ≠ b denotes that a is homomorphic to b.  Of course Hom (a, b) = Hom (b, a).  If the tilde ~ were prefixed to the operator, ~Hom ( , ) would be read as 'not homomorphic to.'  Likewise, ~♢ would be read as 'not resonant with.'        

Using the above definitions, let β  ♢ M, which would literally be the natural starting point.  The characteristic of morphic field M is such that only species of the β taxon have resonance with it. Hence, if there is an entity e such that ~Hom(eβ) then ~♢M.   Now if τ has sufficiently digitally and soft-evolved to the quantum structure of β, then Hom (τ , β ), in which case τ  ♢ M

This is all that is being said, only that perhaps by simple happenstance---and that's how science often makes new discoveries---entity τ might spontaneously begin to 'channel' the resonance of M, unexpectedly out of the blue, simply by virtue of Hom (τ , β ).  This can only begin to happen at the quantum level, but with further exponential evolution of cyber and nanotech, the possibility of  τ  ♢ M exponentially increases as well.  

On another note, I would like to argue another point of view with respect to the resonance of conscious fields and their relation to the world of matter, please see blog article Tsukumo-gami.  I'll pick it up later.