Monday, June 13, 2011

"Haunted Collector" Review

We watched (on DVR) the relatively new show "Haunted Collector" (Syfy) last night.  Who knew it was going to be an inadvertent comedy?  We laughed hard at our inside jokes, because the show's setup makes them irresistible, and perhaps inevitable.  

Here's the premise.  Show begins with a ghostbuster team that detects haunted objects  per se instead of haunted places.  The intro shows the team leader with his haunted hoard, his private collection of stuff he relieved his clients of.  

Isn't that enough said, already?  We were saying that their devices are EMF detector / barcode reader, that the premise could be called "ghost-grifters," about a team of charlatans that take things away from people by razzle-dazzling and scaring them out of their wits with spooky EVPs and anomalous energy readings (and so forth so on).  And what do they do with these supposedly haunted things?  The guy takes them home as his trophies.  

As a practitioner, I find this kind of thing comical but pathetic.  They can supposedly detect hyperpsychic attachments that have seized objects, and yet they have no method, no idea about how to release, clear, and exorcise them.  Instead, he takes them home.  And then what?  He's so dense that he's immune to them?  That must be the case, because sometimes just smudging, praying, or sprinkling consecrated water ain't going to get the job done.  And some things are already resonating on a higher level of consciousness, in which case there is nothing to remove or exorcise.

No, of all the reality "paranormal" shows, this one really took the cake in the bad category.  But it's rich with fodder for laughter; laughter is good medicine, and in that sense the show's got merit.