Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dream of Blue Celestial Spheres

Dream May 19 2011

I was in a lower middle-class neighborhood.  The flats.  Box houses all in a row.  Lots of kids were running around and playing.  Like it was a holiday or something.  It was dusk.  Dark blue grey skies.  I was standing near the driveway of a house on a corner lot; so the side of the house.

In the street about ten to fifteen feet away there was a plume of smoke in the street as if it had come from the exhaust of a passing truck. Linda was standing next to me.  As I was staring at the plume of smoke in the street I noticed that the left end of it was morphing into the profile of a face.  I tried to get Linda's attention, I said hey, look at that ghost in the smoke.  She turned to look but by the time she was looking it had zipped around the corner and upward toward the sky.  The part that had been a face sort of dissolved in a pixilated, sparkly effect as it disappeared.  Since the smoke was dull and blue grey black the sparkly is more the motion I'm describing rather than actual sparkle.  

As soon as it disappeared I saw up in the sky blue light spheres with white light centers gliding into position in the sky. They were moving silently one next to the other in a row up in the sky. They came from all directions and lined up in a straight line as if at the edge of a room's ceiling. At this point the streets became empty.  There weren't people running and screaming; it was as if by the time I noticed the formation I was the last to get out of the street.  

It was as if everyone in the neighborhood had taken cover inside their homes.  In the living room of the home I entered there were about 8 people on the couches and floor huddled and worried.  I remember hearing someone say "I hear them coming" or something to that effect.  The floor of the house; the foundation started to rise in an uneven manner. Not just shaking like an earthquake, no, but rather as if Hercules were trying to lift the home and it was wobbling side to side as he got his bearings. (Hercules was not in the dream I'm just trying to explain how the raised house did not arise uniformly but in a weaving manner) I remember thinking one of the blue spheres was underneath the house raising it up.  I felt sure that the house was going to be turned upside down.  

Interpretation keys: Smoke-daemon is Yokai called En-en-ra (煙々羅 "smokey gauze"),  To say that it is merely a label given to pareidolia in smoke or just an applied paranoiac-critical method Rorschach inkblot effect is Steampunk reductionism; consciousness is all pervasive, and hence the recognitions afford synchronicity and meaning.  They are beings, however ephemeral they might be.  They are helpers.  The spherical entities are contrasted to the chaotic appearance of the En-en-ra, as they represent order, viz., celestial order overarching the terrestrial and chthonic, the Cosmic arrangement toward Aquarius.  Gods upset the foundations, shake them, and topple them.