Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Invisible Transmission: Utopia

I can only speak in abstruse encapsulations and compressed thoughts here.

The following entry 'The Invisible Transmission' from January 26, 2011 is reproduced below: 

The Invisible Transmission   19-Nov-93
It is now almost 3 o'clock in the morning. I was outside a couple of times tonight, and I came to think of the one recurring person in my dreams.  His brother always seems to tag along.  Whenever I see him it is always a delight, though the circumstances are sometimes---actually, often---rather difficult to manage and bear.  I don't know if they are alive or dead.  I know not where they are or how I can contact them.  But he is contacting me via invisible transmission.  The sparkling stars in the night sky testify.

Enigmatic, deep synchronistic signs have lurked the unconscious ever since I was a child, and a concrete manifestation came to me in the form of a friend, with whom I eventually developed an intense friendship, which was even deeper than the bond I had with my own brother, or my parents.  It was a powerful male bonding (completely non-sexual) in my teens, and we were as intimate brothers. We loved each other and were ecstatic with each other's company.

I lost him in 1978, and every since then, he would manifest in my dreams.  Over and over, year after year, decade after decade.  Every time, the same scenario: I'm so glad to see him, and he stays somewhat neutral.  In 1993 in the chill past twilight of November 19, I sensed suddenly that he was trying to contact me by way of Invisible Transmission. 

Ever since 1978 he has manifested repeatedly in my dreams, the one recurring theme throughout the decades: I would see him again, I would be so glad, but he would remain neutral.  He would almost never speak nor pay me much attention.  And that is how it would go, every time.

Then the transformative avatar-continuation became present in 2006, as the Anima of my old friend (perhaps he was the prototypical avatar of her); her name's English gematria is 444 and 444 = 888; she is of the American-christian Mormon background (of the morphic field of the christ who walked in America), returning as an avatar sign of eschaton, toward Utopia. She also manifested a sign of the Black Swan; the Invisible Transmission showed synchronistically in the old artwork of Oji Suzuki, and just recently, showed itself with the same title again, but this time with the transmission pertaining to Utopia.