Thursday, July 7, 2011

A McKenna Dream

Had a dream this morning that I was being shown how certain stocks on the market have been faring, and displays of individual company name, current share price, along with a performance graph were being run in front of me, one company at a time.  One of them was Facebook, but it was called "The Social Network" (as in the movie about how it all started) in the dream instead.  Interesting thing about all of the displays is that they were finite and truncated in point of origin and end.  I would assume that the end would be, say, the market-closing result, but that's not what the feel was, in the dream.

The scene changed, and Terence McKenna was there suddenly.  He showed me a contraption that fit into a wall-socket, but the way that it locked onto the wall socket was quite elaborate, and he demonstrated to me how it worked.  

Hermeneutic keys: Timewave Zero, "elfin machinery" ...