Friday, August 26, 2011

Planet Buddha

That which is reductionistically labeled 'animism' is in fact not incompatible with the quantum-theory based paradigm that everything is consciousness. Granted the latter view is epistemic Bishop-Berkeley-idealism, but I am not fond of its potentially Manichean implications: Quantum-field of potential of uncollapsed wave-function = good, material domain of collapsed particles = bad; 'bad' because it is "illusion," a deception of the senses. 

Yes, it is all illusion. But it is default illusion. Everything we experience by way of our five senses is extant as inherently systemic to Being; the Cosmos is the ground-level selection by default inherent to Being-as-such. So if we were to ask why motile beings have two eyes and trees look the way they do, or why there is anything at all, it's all moot; the answer is unobtainable, because everything is as it is, by default. And if we were to assent that the totality is infused with consciousness, that everything is consciousness, and take it one step further, that everything is conscious, we find ourselves living in a conscious, interpenetrating Mandala of which the phenomenal and noumenal are nondual. Mind is matter and matter is Mind. Everything is alive, everything is conscious. This is the stuff of meditation and practice, and not merely philosophical intellection.