Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Earthquake Premonition Gestalt

Artistic creativity has been, for me since I was in my teens, a divinatory tool of automatic-writing kind of consonance that channeled rippling events in the near future into the immediate present, encapsulated into stream-of-consciousness writing, poetry, fictional writing, illustrations,  paintings, and so on. 

Three days before the big Northridge quake (magnitude 6.7) of January 17, 1994, I was living in Westlake Village, approximately 20 miles away. I made the following painting (since this blog is G-rated, I had to blot out two images from it):

I thought nothing of it until someone pointed out that the local Chumash natives mythologically explained earthquakes as being caused by giant subterranean snakes moving (shifting fault lines), and it was also pointed out that the trident in the painting is the implement of Sea God Poseidon, known as the "Earth Shaker."  The third eye "saw" the big quake coming. 

That morning around 4:40 A.M PST., when all the lights of the city had blacked out, the stars in the dark sky shone sparkling like I had never seen in the area; I saw a white meteor in the sky, with a very long trail, toward the west, streak from right to left. I saw it as an omen of change, and my father passed away a couple of days later (he was elderly, and suffering terribly).