Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Forces unpredictable, hitherto unknown, rend the sky, 
Revealing behind the blackness, veins of thunder in a body of nothingness.  
I am the keeper of the vortex, the nexus, the center.  
I have become all the worlds, in great conquest.  

Worlds shatter by the power of my incantation. 
Tapestries unweave because of my spell, beings retch from a vertigo of fear. 
Finally, in space, behold: the silver triangle of Omniscience.  

June 10, 2002

Elenin, the supposedly tetrahedral comet, is Ketu.  Ketu portends.  Hoax, sensationalism, hysteria, flim-flam fly-by-night snake-oil salesmanship, debunkable bunk, mendaciousness, and outright lies: none of those things matter in the field of a collective message, only those who observe the resonances of the world, the Avalokitesvaras, can know what that message is. For truth to be cloaked in shit, nothing can be a more effective shield.  I write this for those who are the El-ite, the El's of the world.  Elohim Essaim, Elohim 一切無 (無=穆 (liberation)).       

From a blog article: Mind Space of Tahquitz Canyon (April 22, 2011):
There is a canyon in the southern California desert named after a dark shaman-wizard, Tahquitz, of the Cahuilla tribe.  Over the course of years, throughout my mid-teens to twenty years of age, I came into occasional contact with the shaman's morphic resonance.  

After a night of partying (I think we were just doing bong hits that night), my friend George and I were walking on Grapevine Street in Palm Desert, around 3:00 in the morning.  We were fifteen years old, so that was in 1976.  As we were walking the dark street (and town, for that matter), it suddenly became as bright as day, for about a second.  It quickly got dark again, and there was another momentary flash of daylight brilliance that illuminated everything.  George turned around and yelled, "Whoah!"  I turned around and saw a streak of fire in the sky, a colossal blaze of fire as the meteor burned up in the atmosphere.  It literally looked as if a part of the sky had caught on fire.  We were both astounded.  From where we were standing, the streak of fire was directly above the San Jacinto Mountains, above the location of Tahquitz Canyon. 

According to ancient Vedic Astrology, the Comet is called Ketu, and its iconography in the esoteric Mandala is that of a screaming, decapitated head.  Like the Tower Card in Tarot, it portends great change.   In the Cahuilla native mythology,  Tahquitz personifies the meteor, or comet, and they say that his rumblings can still be heard today in the Canyon named after him: 

"Even today strange rumblings can be heard in the rocky depths of the San Jacintos, and earthquakes are common there.  Without doubt these are caused by Tahquitz as he stamps about ... Tahquitz sometimes still appears to Cahuilla people as a huge ugly creature with an arrow stuck right though his massive head ... Almost nightly in the midnight sky one can see a flaming meteor - - -old Tahquitz in search of the souls of men and women to sate his horrible appetite" (Harry C. James, The Cahuilla Indians, p.84 (1985 reprint, Malki Museum Press)).

An old friend from Japan, whose whereabouts today I don't know, visited me with his brother and friend in '77, and I took them together with some of my local friends up Tahquitz Canyon in the middle of the night, and we walked all the way up to "First Falls," a rather long trek, especially in the dark of night.  It was a strange chthonic journey that I led.  We were all wasted.  My friend said to me, Are you a demon or something?  He was kidding but not kidding.  He was freaked out.  He made me aware of my behavior.  I was leading all these kids into a treacherous place, only out of my own sense of mystical quest.

In retrospect, we were off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.  The big Head, and the Head alone: The Ketu-Comet icon, the harbinger of great Change, the symbol of Tahquitz.  Even in the tantric interweaving with the dark resonance of Tahquitz, I had come to realize that this harbinger is an aspect, a Mandalic, fractal aspect that has been a helper, a signpost, an inner guide.

From a blog entry: Lost Horizon (May 30, 2011): 
We recently watched the DVD of the old Frank Capra movie, “The Lost Horizon” (1937).  As we watched, a scene jumped out at me, it was as if I was in a dream, a very familiar anamnesis, a near-déjà vu remembrance.  A sequence was filmed on location at Tahquitz Canyon, at the First Falls.  There it was, the foundational landscape of one of my Mindspaces, right there on the screen, from a black & white movie that’s almost ¾ century old.  I was quite amazed; I Googled the key words after the movie, and sure enough, the scenes were filmed at Tahquitz Canyon’s First Falls.     

It was synchronistic.  When the horizon---the event horizon---is lost, the Singularity is seen, broached, revealed, experienced … and so on.  It is Utopia; according to the host Chang in the story, Shangri la is the place without excesses, it is the place where all calamities are mitigated and averted. 

In this sense of Utopia, there is a parallel to that anomalous, unaccountable non-event in the ontology or domain of discourse of statistical-probabilistic spaces, viz., the object(s) or event(s) that never happened, that got mitigated, averted, thwarted, annulled; empirically speaking, such objects would belong to the ontological trash bin of the empty set ∅, they are even beyond the scope of outliers and non-normal statistical distributions.  But those “non-events” are the very stuff that random processes in general are made of; they simply cannot be accounted for, they cannot be predicted, they cannot be measured or perceived, and yet they belong to the very fabric of being and becoming.  Something did not happen, therefore we have X at time t.  All we can know is X at time t. 

But the realm of Utopia is not about X at time t.  Its domain is that of the lost horizon, the inaccessible, the unreachable; it is beyond speculation, beyond prediction.  I took the synchronicity one step further, playing with the title of the movie with respect to the Singularity, that the horizon gets lost at the Singularity, i.e., it vanishes, at which time Utopia would broach the epistemological domain of X at time t.

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This entry is dedicated to all the Micha-El's I know and have known.