Monday, October 17, 2011

Debunking Debunking

There's the old joke about the guy stuck on a roof of a building during a flood.  He's a man of "faith" who prays to his deity for help.  A rescue helicopter shows up and he refuses to go up the rope-ladder because he says his deity will save him.  The process repeats a few times and he finally winds up at the pearly gates.  He sees St. Peter and asks him why the deity didn't come to his rescue.  "We sent you three rescue helicopters, you turned them all down" is the punchline, or thereabouts.  There's another joke about a guy who prays to win the lottery.  He prays for years and never wins.  He finally talks to his deity and asks why he hasn't won, and the answer comes from above: "For cryin' out loud, buy a ticket."  Or thereabouts.  

The point I'm trying to make is this, that so-called "debunking" we see in so-called "paranormal" investigations could very well be something that misses the whole point. Empirical phenomena are what beings use as media of communication, or they are the means by which they can be detected, i.e., without a "spiritualist," psychic or medium.  So often you see "debunking" by attributing to some kind of "natural cause," but they don't think further. They have no understanding of how interwoven all worlds are, on all levels, from quantum-chaotic to classical-linear, they don't understand that it's all "natural," that just as neutrinos are coursing through our bodies and environment at all times, the undetected, invisible world is in constant interaction with the world of the senses.