Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Devil Field

He's been with the world
And I'm tired of the soup du jour
He's been with the world
I wanna end this prophylactic tour
Afraid nobody around here
Understands my potato
Guess I'm only a spud-boy
Looking for a real tomato
We're the Smart Patrol
Nowhere to go
Suburban robots that monitor reality
Common stock
We work around the clock
We shove the poles in the holes
(Devo: Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA)

While driving in downtown the other day I saw an elderly couple, maybe in their seventies, greying hair, rickety, hobbling and waddling about with grins on their faces; they were caucasian, which seems irrelevant, but they were carrying a large, visible sign on a stick, and the first thing I saw was that the sign had a large photo of an obviously Latino/Hispanic man holding a crying baby in his arms.  I thought nothing of it until I saw the caption written in large letters beneath the photo: "No more $ taxes for this."

I was saddened and quite aghast.  They were Tea Party folk on their way to their designated downtown protest-spot.  Being an empath and a "sensitive," I felt more from these people than could meet the eye. I experienced, instantaneously, a miasma-field about them like Pig Pen's dirt-cloud, energetic tendrils reaching here and there; I could feel their hatred palpably, their torpor, their entrenchment in the world, their dense belief in it, their own sense of righteousness.  They were no different from any ideology-based group on a witch-hunt bandwagon against scapegoats that are nothing but red herrings and "strawmen."  Not only are they barking up the wrong tree, there's no tree to bark up ... that is, "out there" in the first place.

It's all an aspect of Entrenchment, and it's what you see in the Tarot Devil Card.  When there is entrenchment, one is in the clutches of the Devil, which symbolizes sheer mundanity, in all forms of divination.  Everything is Nondual so it's all good, but only good for you if you know the fucking difference in the first place. Entrenchment happens to anyone, to those who are right and those who are wrong, and everyone in between; knowing that one is entrenched is the first step toward liberation; there is no Enemy "out there" but one's very own righteous ego, with all its wiles and poisons.