Monday, October 31, 2011

Marici Invisibility Spell

For about a dozen years now, every Samhein I do a Hungry-Ghost feeding rite (there were a couple years that I missed, I think), and at the beginning of the rite, after the self-protection procedure, there is another self-protective layer called the Marici invisibility spell.  Now I'm not going to divulge the rite, but suffice it to say that it entails the consonance of three aspects, viz., of incantation, visualization, and gestures.  

Marici is a Solar divinity who is also called 'Marishi-ten' (摩利支天) in Sinojapanese, who has two special characteristics, viz., that of moving with incredible speed, and brilliance so bright that it blinds, thereby rendering one invisible.  The rite of the deity has been implemented of old by Ninja, shamans, and mountain-ascetics.  Concerning the deity's speed, inasmuch as the divinity is luminal and solar, we could interpret the aspect of velocity in terms of photonic speed, in which case, by empowering with this kind of resonance, synchronistic paradoxes (e.g., the "twin paradox" of Special Relativity, and so on) of time-travel can occur as one's frame of reference becomes consonant with covariant c, the speed-limit of the visual field.  

I've discussed the aspect of the Noise of solar flares as dampening remote-viewing, and this is another aspect of the spell; it is a resonant, ritual solar-flare that "snows out" the possibility of being seen, astrally, and going unnoticed physically.  It shuts out one's existence-signatures for a duration.  When the Sun is in the sky, everything behind it is blotted out from view; such is the nature of effulgence, physically and astrally, which is implemented in the rite.  Magickal traditions have invisibility spells of sorts; if you're an adept who uses or has used such spells, you will know that this is about "hiding in the light."  

"Hiding in the light" has another negative connotation, that of people who cloak themselves in the guise of righteousness, while they are wolves in sheep's clothing.  This is not what is meant here; the spell is about finding protection in light.  Happy Samhein!