Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On Time Travel

Had a dream a couple days ago of trying to take the DeLorean that was the time-machine in the movie from the past, Back to the Future (1985).  A guy who owned the vehicle came around while I was pushing it out of the driveway in neutral, and said, "I know what you guys are up to.  Bring the car back after you're done with the joyride."  And that was the end of it.

Much later in my waking state I contemplated about how the movie's contemporaneous Marty McFly bedazzled the 1950's kids by just being himself, and the story had that part very correct; people do evolve because all morphic fields evolve, and that evolution is getting exponentially faster.  If say, a regular teenage Marty McFly of the 2010 decade were to travel back to 1985 (let alone 1955), he would blow their minds.  Even a NeoNeanderthal teen of the 2010 decade would be morphogenetically more evolved than a "maximally evolved" teen of 1985.    

I've had experiences of time loops and of time traveling; in one experience I traveled to a place and time approximately 1,200 years ago, in shamanic space, where my consciousness watched an entourage of travelers walking a path toward Ch'ang-an in T'ang era China, in the late 700's c.e. Gregorian.  My mind was completely still, watching, observing; they were off in the distance, people were moving, the sky was blue, but I was unable to affect anything.  I simply observed.  I was a passerby (as an aside, c.f. Gospel of Thomas, logion 42).

I thought of mind travel and physical time travel, there is a superficial difference, in that physical time has the law of Entropy at work, in which case that which is of the past has dissipated, become used up, exhausted; the material cannot be revisited physically, because the physical past, due to the second law of thermodynamics, goes into inertia.    

It is rather ironic that the premise of the Twin Paradox has to assume, to be a "sound" reductio ad absurdum, that space and time are Newtonian, and entropy-free.  By way of Entropy, which is like the critters in Stephen King's Langoliers, the past itself becomes inert, it becomes played out, used up; Entropy is a function of time, it could be said that time is Entropy.  Fields can be influenced, however, and the physical present as such in which one would astrally time-travel to the past has already been deterministically affected by the timeline-spiral that has been created by the visit to the Mind-space of the past; the traveler would have changed the present, hopefully for the better (the meaning of 'better' would be a whole topic in itself).  The material-physical is subject to Entropy, but Mind-as-such is not subject to Entropy.  

There is too much historical Noise to travel too far into the Future, at least for now, and there is an event horizon.  To observe the Future is one thing, trying to affect it is another.  What would be the basis of such karmic jostling of Butterfly Effects?  Either way, whether traveling to the past or into the Future, beware; observe and resonate well, and if you don't know how to do either, refrain from such activities, and become mindful in the present.  Mind is both Time and Timeless.