Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The In-Between

Twilight-dusk, the duration preceding the break of dawn, the interzone, borderland, in-between Bardo time.  These are the real, bona fide, so-called "Witching Hour."  It's also the essence of Samhein, the thinning of the veils and walls between hyperdimensions, and all inner landscapes, and it happens twice, every 24 hours, twenty-four-seven.  Two spacetime modalities co-exist in perfect tension, a mini-solstice of sorts; it's the best time for scrying, divination.  This is also known in Segaki, the Hungry-Ghost feeding rite, viz., that the best time for the ritual is during the in-between borderland of twilight or the crack of dawn.  

Twilight and the crack of dawn; I take these two time-zones as hyper-time-zones, i.e., time out of time; they are like lunar and solar eclipses, they are durations of nonduality, superposition, and entanglement, of both-and and neither-nor.