Monday, December 31, 2012

The Advent of Utopia (Part 2)

The new Aeon is almost here.  When the Age of Pisces began, the christological paradigm was under the thumb of Roman persecution, and it all began as a secret, mystery cult of esoteric, pneumatological initiations of the Paraclete, water baptisms, and confessions regarding articles of faith.  It spread in the catacombs, in the shadows, incognito, undercover, cloaked. It didn't start with a hoopla of cosmogenesis.  It didn't start with any kind of fanfare whatsoever, but it was a process of osmosis and gradual formation of its own morphic field (which became a Habitual Chreode).

And today, the seeds of deparadigmization and cosmic resonance are planted by way of the infranet of confluent mindstreams.  The gross, material catacombs the early ecclesia haunted are now the labyrinths of Mind and Body, which have their physical and "cyber" counterparts in planetary interconnectivity of social media and the internet in general.

In terms of paradigmatic christological reference, go back to circa year Zippo c.e. or 30 b.c.e. or thereabouts.  Reflect on the apocalypticism of the Judean diaspora of the time, and messianic disappointments (there were many messiahs; the Roman rule eventually banned public gatherings). When the end of the world did not happen, how did the early koinonea deal with it?  They simply couldn't abandon what they had already assimilated and experienced, even to the point of death.  I believe that their so-called "faith" was not what we understand of it today, that it was far more visceral and existential.

In many ways we, which I like to call NeoSapiens, are incognito.  Like the Zen saying goes, "The only difference between an enlightened person and an unenlightened person is that the enlightened person is enlightened and the unenlightened person is unenlightened."  And beyond the final Zen, there's the world of nondual, buzzing-dancing simultaneity of enlightenment as unenlightenment and unenlightenment as enlightenment.  But I digress.  All this is to say that there's no way to tell by outward appearance alone who is NeoSapiens and who is NeoNeanderthal.  Are there species in between?  Of course.  Homo Sapiens. NeoSapiens are probably far outnumbered by the others.  

Old Habits die hard.  For example, I used the 'kingdom of heaven is among you' tidbit from a "new-testament" kerygmatic logion, and even that is no longer relevant, because there need not even be a gathering of two or three.  A singular consciousness is no different from others, and an infinitude of others, because they are all interfused in a hologramic mandala of a continuum which never came to be, but has always been.  Instantaneous access to information and communication are outward manifestations.

We find new resonance with that which is currently emerging.  The outmoded begins to fall away. They are not falsified necessarily, they are simply outgrown.  What had facticity and pertinence at one time might have run its course into eventual maximum-entropy.  Their facticity perhaps might hold, but they no longer hold sway nor relevance.  That's the process of involution.

The Dark Night of the Soul makes to see Shadows, and the shadow-world, the complementary of everything we know, believe, and embrace.  It has its function.  When there is a glimpse of the dystopia this world is, and where it is headed, the advent of Utopia can only be hidden in that Shadow, and that is its irony.  The Hoax of 2012 end-times etc. had its function too; Reality has its own timeline, and collectivity cannot influence it.  Utopia is in the realm of the Shadow, the Non-Event Lost Horizon which mitigates all calamity.  It's a world that is yet abuzz in the field of cosmic resonance, directly available, for now, only in mind and body.  


I love this little reel.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hearts on Fire

We live in safe, micro-bubbles here in the U.S.

And, for that reason, these past few months have been particularly challenging for us as citizens and as human beings because our bubbles are bursting and we're seeing outside of our little realities. It's been a long time coming, expanding with stretched seams, but they're finally bursting and many are dealing with the result.

Both natural and manmade disasters brought many of us to our knees and caused us to rethink our way of life, our beliefs and personal vulnerabilities. Hurricane Sandy wiped out whole towns and communities - businesses, boardwalks and a multitude of homes. Not just in the North East U.S. either as its effects still cripple many communities from the Caribbean up the coast of the U.S. Did anyone know that a highway on the East Coast of Florida is permanently damaged never to be rebuilt? We didn't either until someone that lives there told us last week.

An unpredictable Presidential election surprised many and brought tears of hope and perseverance to others in a country in flux and confused about the future. Conversely, those opposed still hold onto their bubble, in denial of its demise.

Regardless of our political beliefs, we've found ourselves unwilling witnesses to mall shootings, house burnings and the murder of small, innocent children and their caretakers for unimaginable and unknown reasons. The end result? Our hearts are on fire and heart chakras are blown wide open.

This is a pretty big planet and things DO happen elsewhere and outside of our personal experiences (bubbles). While we've been mourning our losses there have been many devastating events around the world, as well.

Floods, blizzards, volcanic eruptions, super-typhoons, dying children due to lack of food and medicine, as well as, harsh uprisings resulting in murderous results in the Middle East - brother pitted against brother in the name of freedom gone wild remind us of why we're glad to live here.

Open hearts - something none of use could have predicted earlier in the year and yet is timely in its opening. And, we have a choice to keep them open and embrace the evolution of an open heart, or slam it shut and crawl back into our illusions.

In my world I've witnessed and participated in sharing true feelings, assisting in finding the owners of lost dogs and rediscovering long lost friends. I've noticed people working together cooperatively to help those who've lost their dignity; A woman from New York shown on the news crying after finding a lone, untainted piece of memory from her destroyed home receives floods of letters, emails and gifts from strangers all over the country. A woman interviewed in LA after turning in a few guns for gift cards said "I thought, why do I need these in my house? This is my sympathy card to Sandy Hook". 

This Christmas season was turned on its head. In turn, people chose not to donate their hard earned cash to large corporations and big box businesses for gift-giving and turned to their neighbor's small business down the street instead. Grass roots charitable organizations reel with record breaking donations and people are "paying it forward" in the names of lost loved ones at fast food drive-thru's, restaurants and anonymous pay-offs of stranger's Holiday lay-a-waysA line of 228 customers at Horton's in Winnipeg Canada pays the meal for the person behind them.

It seems in the face of devastating and incredible adversity that humans will rise to the epitome of their inherent human kindness and love demonstrating with humbleness, who we are and what we are meant to be in this global experience. But devastating and incredible adversity happens all around the world every day.

Imagine a world where we rely on each other more and rely less on those that govern us, a world in which we are aware that our little bubble isn't the only place on Earth. Imagine a world where we embrace those that aren't like us knowing that they deserve the same basic human respect that we do.

Maybe our bubble needed to burst in order for us to realize that we are as vulnerable as those that crave food, good health and a safe and reasonable life!

My wish this Season and always is that our heart chakras stay open and our eyes stay wide open - in All-Ways - and that we realize the path we've been on, while progressive in many ways, became side-tracked away from the fellowship of one another - and that regardless of belief, age and appearance it will continue to merge back into the wholeness of humanity.

It DOES take a village to raise a child, and all of us are children of the Universe. If we've learned nothing else we've learned that the reward is in taking good care of one another, period. And, that anything less is a sordid distraction.

You and I are not alone. Let's remember that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Advent of Utopia

Elenin, the supposedly tetrahedral comet, is Ketu. Ketu portends. Hoax, sensationalism, hysteria, flim-flam fly-by-night snake-oil salesmanship, debunkable bunk, mendaciousness, and outright lies: none of those things matter in the field of a collective message, only those who observe the resonances of the world, the Avalokitesvaras, can know what that message is. For truth to be cloaked in shit, nothing can be a more effective shield. I write this for those who are the El-ite, the El's of the world. Elohim Essaim, Elohim 一切無 (無=穆 (liberation)). (from Harbinger (September 2011))   
If the Black-Swan non-event of 12-21-2012 is just back to business as usual for you, then you've missed the proverbial boat.  Who truly believed that the end of the world was going to happen, literally, like in the movie(s)?  Who truly believed in literal, dense, thick, material things that would happen?  If an apocalypse did happen, then we'd all be toast, literally.  Everything would be fucked up beyond repair, survivalist hordes, zombies, Reptilians, and mutants would take over, and there would be no time for rainbows and good cheer.  It would become severely difficult, if not impossible, to become awakened, to resonate with ubiquitous, conscious life force.  It would have become hell on earth.  Is that what we wanted?

Can corpocracies, human trafficking, violence, war, bigotry, ideologies, and so on vanish from the face of the earth without also taking out with them those who earnestly practice ascent?  Can wheat be separated from chaff with a blazing fire?  Did you think, that the so-called eschaton was going to be a blunt, thick, dense, material event?  If so, you've been watching too much TV and movies.  And you've been seeing too many documentaries.  And you've been spending too much time with those silly internet memes.

The Mayan Calendar was a signpost.  The so-called galactic alignment was a signpost.  They were merely pings, but there is an allure to the material, thick, and literal, and they became the things-in-themselves, i.e., for many.  Focus got diverted.  And there were hoaxes, yes, many hoaxes surrounding the event.  So much so that even the sincere will now be lumped in with the hucksters. The masses will despise the whole thing as one bad memory and exercise in mass hysteria, and collective stupidity.  2012-related books and material will go the way of decades-old phone books. They'll be a thing of curiosity, if even that much, stuff to chuckle about, perhaps be mortified about.  

Goons of scientism will bask in the glory of having been right and rational.  Religionists will gloat in the facticity of scriptural passages, and reclaim the monopoly of eschatologies unto themselves. Perhaps those who are neither kind but sort of believed and were cautious will now go full bore and unhampered in full blown mundanity.  And perhaps it will be business as usual for those who didn't give a shit about any of it in the first place.

So where does all this put the rest of us who resonated with the Singularity of Novelty ingression? Where the fuck was the Novelty, you ask.  Many of you are embarrassed, because even if you were level headed about the whole thing, like all the contributors of our blog here, we're lumped in with the sensationalists of all kinds, as if we were swept away and suckered.

But yes, if you believed that some big material thing was going to happen, some dense, thick event, then you were suckered.

But no, my friends.  All of the above is just flotsam-jetsam of an aftermath.  The aftermath of the eschaton, and the inception of the new Aeon.  We are currently in-between, in a bardo, an interim of formation.

I want to write a series of posts on what Novelty was all about, because the whole event was a Black Swan.  Everything up to that point in time, so to speak, were invisible transmissions of the Singularity which attracted from the future.  It was a pinging point which ripples all around, and we're still in its event horizon.  This is why some of us experienced concrescences much earlier than 12-21-2012.  I experienced mine 09-23-2011.  A good friend of mine experienced hers a week before the event, or I should say, non-event.   

Please have a look at the links in this post and meditate for a while.  Be cool, it's all alright.  The intriguing fun has begun for real.  But one word of caution before I close.  Don't go looking without for signs and portents.  If anything the 12-21-2012 should teach us, is to not mistake signposts for the thing itself.  And that thing itself is within you, and whenever two or three gather in the name of that thing itself, there it shall be, in full, vibrant, living, conscious resonance in the field of your own Mind and Body.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Worlds of Wonder Awaiting

This day we rise together to a new vibration, a new frequency, a new life. ...

We all share this moment, this threshold crossing moment. We cross together. ...

Stepping into a new reality we will explore together. ...

We are now free to choose. Tip the scales so the spiral will carry you aloft to worlds of wonder awaiting your discovery.

We are not the same as we were before.

-Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka, Dec. 21, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012


The flames are licking, egg is cracking,

opening to the mystery,

birthing forth the heart of All.

Listen now, follow now

your own spirit's call,

as it sings of

our moving



Transiting the Event Horizon - Beyond 2012 Singularities

 A Timewave Revisited


 The Zero Date ‘Singularity’, and a Novelty Perspective on 'fiscal cliffs' and Planetary Evolutionary ‘Metamorphosis’


John David Sheliak – Santa Fe, NM  87508

Initially this was to be my response to a query asking for a novelty perspective for our looming ‘fiscal cliff, since defining novelty or ‘habit’ (i.e. entropy) for specific processes and events has largely been subjective and somewhat speculative so that queries like this one arise far too often.  This confusing state of affairs is largely the result of the lack of mathematical rigor and theoretical formality concerning the Timewave and its supporting Novelty theory.  In order to reduce this kind of subjective confusion over often arbitrary speculation, I thought that additional theoretical and mathematical perspectives might provide some much needed clarification on the nature and implications of Novelty Theory and the Timewave as have been formulated and mathematically constructed.  These ideas, memes, or perspectives, have far too long languished for lack of rigorous development, theoretical formality, and unambiguous empirical data.   Consequently, composing an answer to the query concerning a real world application of the concept of novelty, habit, or entropy, has provided an opportunity to finally address, and perhaps shed some light on these long ignored issues.

It is important to understand at the outset that there are neither embedded ‘infinities’ nor transition state ‘singularities’ intrinsic to the formulation of Novelty Theory, or to the mathematical construction of the Timewave.  Such singularities normally result from a mathematical operation that includes a division of some number by zero (any number or quantity, x, when divided by zero produces an infinity or singularity, ∞.).   It is true that transition state discontinuities are encountered in fractal mathematics when differentiation is attempted on these functions.  Such fractal functions are considered not to be everywhere differentiable[1] – i.e. there are point discontinuities where the slope of the curve described by the derivative, dy/dt, is undefined or discontinuous (infinity).   However, such fractal discontinuities are not end state singularities in any sense of the defining principles.  Moreover, there is nothing that I’m aware of in ordinary natural process that would produce this type of zero-valued terminal state either, including black hole event horizons.  In my view it is a very long leap of reason or logic to first arbitrarily establish a zero end state, and then define this value as being a form of singularity without any theoretical backup or mathematical development.

[1] A differentiable function is a function whose derivative exists at each point in its domain

It is also important to note that the Timewave fractal features are produced and ‘modulated’ by an infinite series expansion (or fractal transformation) - the mathematical operation performed on the 384 number set of the tri-level wave that generates the set of Timewave data values decaying to zero as a function of the time remaining to an established zero date/time – e.g. 6 a.m. on 12/21/2012.  The most likely justification for mathematically forcing the final Timewave fractal number set to a zero endpoint was that both the first order 64 number bi-directional wave set that is generated using features of the I-Ching King Wen sequence, and the 384 number tri-level wave set that is generated from the bi-directional set using I-Ching concepts, have zero endpoints, and therefore implying zero-valued endpoints for the Timewave fractal waveform.  

Nevertheless, as I pointed out in my vector analysis of the Timewave first order number set, the ‘forward wave’ and the ‘reverse wave’ appear to be linked in a cyclical fashion – i.e. each of the zero endpoints was simply some type of vibration or oscillation node, and neither need be interpreted as a zero-valued termination point.  Moreover, the rationale for the alignment of the established Timewave zero value to an established zero date is somewhat vague, although it was apparently done with at least some thought given to the ‘novelty fit’ of the Timewave to other historical events that were classified as having had ‘significant’ impact on global development and civilization.  Since precise definitions or a rigorous formulation of the concepts of novelty, entropy, or habit were never really offered nor established, such ‘novelty-to-time alignments’ should be seen as speculative and certainly more than somewhat subjective.

The consequence of any theoretical or Timewave developmental bias born of either of an understandable ignorance, or a type of theoretical ‘incoherence’, might lead one to legitimately conclude that both the established waveform zero entropy value, and its’ temporal alignment with a singular historical event associated with a predicted galactic alignment process assumed associated with the Mayan calendar, are somewhat flawed if not inherently biased speculation.  The lack of theoretical maturity or mathematical precision is certainly understandable if not expected for any radically new theory, as I’ve stated in previous Timewave work; but results born of such immaturity must be understood to be incomplete, inaccurate, or both; and certainly to be understood as more theoretical than empirical in nature.   So in order to examine Timewave Novelty events or processes occurring in the vicinity of the zero date in terms of a more natural functional process, I propose fitting the Timewave decaying fractal function with a decaying exponential function in order to explore potential alternative interpretations of such 'terminal' features. 

Before proceeding with such an analysis, it is important to note that the operative feature of a decaying exponential function[1] is its’ convergence to a zero-valued y-asymptote.   This means that the ‘zero point’ is not an actual singular point, but an asymptote that is approached only as elapsed time approaches an extremely large value, i.e. as t → ∞.   Obviously this result is a process not achieved in a practical real world sense.  A common analogy posits the question: “How many steps would it take for one to cross a room if one were able to travel ¼ of the distance from one's current position to the opposite wall with each step.”   This well known mathematical function being proposed to fit the aggregate Timewave graph is the decaying exponential that is expressed as, 

y = b*exp (-t/τ)                                                              (1)

Where: y is the Timewave entropy state in nats[2]; t is the Timewave elapsed time in Julian days; b is the initial Timewave entropy state, yb,, in nats at time t = 0, (i.e. the Timewave entropy state initial condition)[3]; and τ is the system time constant or e-folding time (how long it takes for a novelty magnitude state (y-1) to change by a factor of 2.71828 from its original value at a time, t1,, to a subsequent value at a later time, t2.  As elapsed time becomes infinitely large, t → ∞, the entropy value, y(∞) = b*exp(-∞) = b*0 = 0, represents a ‘zero entropy’[4] asymptote approached by the Timewave.  Note that if we define novelty as inverse entropy using the information theory notation, I(hi) = (y-1) = (1/y)[5], then a zero entropy is equivalent to a novelty/information singularity at y(∞) = 0, as t → ∞.

Now let's examine the results of the curve-fitting operation used to fit our decaying exponential function to the Timewave fractal function.  The information of interest here is how fast an established set of events changes with established measures of time.  The mathematical operation for expressing this change rate is the time derivative of the decaying exponential fitting function – i.e. the time rate of change of the set of events for individual and/or collective processes at any given elapsed time, t.  This is an operation that is defined mathematically by the following differential expression,

                                            dy/dt = -(b/τ)* exp(-t/τ)                                                   (2)

Where: the derivative, dy/dt,, expresses the rate at which a set of unspecified, but well-established events unfolds, changes, or advances with established measures of elapsed time.  Equation (2) shows the result of this derivative operation or the time rate at which an established set of events unfolds is diminishing over time (expansion of time between events) by the factor, (-b/τ)..  This result implies that the time it takes to experience an established sequence of events is expanding; likely accompanied by the perception that time has passed more quickly, or accelerated.  This could mean that the normal sequence of the established set of time sequential events, activities, etc. in one’s life would appear to be occurring over increasingly longer time intervals.  The derivative dy/dt provides the mathematical form and structure for the time rate of change for such an unfolding temporal sequence of events. 

In the limit where the derivative dy/dt → 0 as t → ∞, the number of established events that are unfolding during elapsed times as measured by our local clocks, would approach zero accompanied by the perception that the passage of time had become hyper-accelerated and on threshold of temporal collapse.  This concept is rather tricky to envision or wrap one’s mind around, since the experience and the measure of time is in fact relative.  As an example, let’s say that someone observes an expanding time interval between established individual events as measured by a local clock time reference – furthermore, let’s say 8 hrs elapses for an event sequence that previously took only 4 hours to unfold.  This experience would likely be accompanied by a perception that present time intervals are passing more quickly, or accelerating relative to past time intervals.  Temporal acceleration is then seen as the perception that time intervals between established events are expanding (dilating) over time, where standard local clocks measure the passage of time.  The fact is that there is no absolute time standard that can be referred to, as there is no preferred reference, or inertial frame in the cosmos.  Consequently, the perceptions based on the local frame of our ‘internal clocks’ can arguably be taken as primary.

In order to examine the time span dependence, ∆t, of specific novelty changes ∆y-1 (inverse entropy changes, y-1), one can perform an inverse differentiation using equation (2).  If the inverse derivative operation is performed the time span, ∆t, per unit of entropy (inverse novelty) change, ∆y can be quantified as well.  The result of this inverse derivative operation is expressed simply as:

dt/dy = (-τ/y), or alternately, dt = (-τ)* (dy/y)                         (3)

This expression reveals an interesting result showing that the perceived time span, dt,, for a given change in entropy, dy is compressed by a factor of (-t * y-1 * dy), where y-1 is inverse entropy or novelty (novelty = 1/y or 1/entropy).  The solution to this differential tells us that the actual time interval, ∆t, appears to be compressed by the product of a increasing novelty magnitude (y-1), a diminishing entropy change (∆y), and the system time constant (τ).  A time span that is undergoing temporal compression over time is a time span that is accelerating over time.

In tying all of this to the original query about how one could associate novelty/entropy concepts to the upcoming 'fiscal cliff', I’ll apply principles derived from information theory. The so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ is a somewhat misleading concept foisted on the American populace by an increasing corrupt and unstable political system.  As this system becomes more unstable and chaotic, information is lost and entropy increases.   Additionally if such a system is becoming ever more calcified, very little additional information is gained, and its' state of entropy moves ever closer to a chaotic collapse, disorder, and higher entropy.   If a chaotic state does transition to some type of system collapse, then additional information (novelty) is lost and entropy again increases along with a corresponding increase in the number of possible emergent states – a probability distribution that is determined by the nature of a given collapse or disintegration.  Information (novelty) is again gained when one or more of the ‘probable states’ emerges and becomes manifest.  Emergence is a phenomenon, which is by definition, virtually impossible to predict  (probability distribution of potential emergent states – the number of possible configurations of that state’s individual structural elements - is very broad, and the emergent state is one with a low probability of occurrence) - so when 'emergence' does occur, there is a huge drop in entropy and a correspondingly large increase in Information or Novelty.  Such a 'fiscal cliff' is only one feature of a complex reality that is undergoing a type of 'evolutionary metamorphosis'.  Such a transformational process is highly unlikely to occur at a specific time on a specific date, although there may be some events (as I think there already are) that one could reasonably associate with such a 'phase transition'. 

If the expression of Novelty theory through the Timewave can be demonstrated to be a fractal temporal waveform that is converging to an asymptotic zero entropy state during any given evolutionary epoch, then a plausible argument can be made that some type of phase transition rather than some ‘end date event’ is occurring.  Such a phase transition could include a chaotic phase transit into an unknowable emergent state of existence, or some type of emergent paradigmatic state that can be associated with the evolutionary principles of complex or non-linear systems.  Complex systems emergent states, paradigms, or trajectories could conceivably include two or more 'bifurcations', or multiple distinctly separate emergent states, paradigmatic structures, or trajectories.  If our current phase space turns out to be a transition phase of a multi-phase global evolutionary metamorphosis, then perhaps complex systems theory can give us some insights into the process that would help light the way.

In summary, Novelty theory and its’ expression through the Timewave should be seen as both immature and incomplete.  Additionally, the termination of the Timewave on a somewhat arbitrary ‘zero date’ must be seen as speculative at best.  As the driving principle behind the Timewave, Novelty Theory as proposed by McKenna contains no features that would imply or claim an historical ‘termination date’.   In view of these facts, I would argue that the Timewave is an incomplete expression of an immature or incomplete theory of Novelty that could be expressed using the priciples of Information Theory.  It is clear that ‘Novelty Theory’ is a theory that has never been ‘fleshed out’ – an often thankless and usually isolated pursuit that is a path normally undertaken with new theories.  South African scientist and a String Theory physicist, Dr. Neil Turok, says it very well in clearly expressing the dilemma of all new theories that challenge the wisdom and world view of any paradigmatic status quo:

“Coming up with this rough idea for how things might work, is of course exciting; but in having an idea like that, and then deciding to really pursue it, you are condemning yourself to years of misery – because you now have to flesh this out.”   

I would also argue that the particular type of ‘phase transition’ in which we may be currently embedded, could be very likely limited to our local star system in general, and perhaps restricted more specifically to ‘collective subsets’ of our planetary system.  After all, any process of ‘evolutionary metamorphosis’ can only take place when the caterpillar ceases its’ environmental rampage, and falls into a pupation process of enzymatic dissolution that permits cells of an emergent ‘creature’ to form and interconnect.  There is nothing to be found in Novelty Theory that either suggests or implies a termination singularity; and the speculative concepts of initial and terminal singularity events that are often claimed by institutional cosmologists, are slowly being deconstructed by String Theorists who challenge the rational absurdities of the status quo.   Consequently, it is becoming increasingly likely – if not evident - that we exist in a cosmos where the creation and conservation of increasingly higher ordered states of complex form is initiated and proceeds indefinitely through an ever expanding series of cosmic processes that trigger or induce both creation events and evolutionary phase transitions.

[1] Fractal modulated sigmoid functions, or logistic functions, may be proposed as alternatives to the current ‘terminal’ infinite series fractal expansion function, using principles of complex systems and information theory to project a Timewave waveform through chaotic phase transitions into increasingly complex higher-ordered novelty states.
[2] Nats are units of entropy/information when the natural log, ln, is used to calculate either entropy or information (novelty).
[3]  Entropy is the appropriate term to be preferred when referring to the Timewave y-axis values.  Novelty can then be defined as inverse entropy, or y-1 = novelty, or information increase.
[4] Zero entropy, or infinite novelty/information would imply that from an infinite number of possible ‘emergent’ novelty states, ηi where i → ∞,, each having a probability approaching zero, P(ηi) → 0, with only one of these extremely unlikely states emergent and manifest.  Obviously there is not an infinite number of possible novelty or information states having essentially zero probability of emergence, so this zero entropy asymptote is a mathematical artifact only.
[5] Define novelty as self-information, I(ηi), which is associated with the novelty outcome, ηi, having a probability P(ηi) which is then expressed: I(ηi) = log[1/ P(ηi)] = - log[P(ηi)].  Information Entropy can then be defined mathematically as: H(Ω) = -∑ P(ηi)*log[P(ηi)].

The 'G' in 'GMT'

The "G" in "GMT stands for Goodman, the newspaper editor/explorer who first cracked the calendar glyphs. The quotes of "17  Mayan calendars" comes from a calculation done in the same way as if you said "we ourselves have 12 calendars ... solar calendar, lunar calendar, days, weeks, months, seasons, 365-day years, 366-day leap years, decades, centuries, millennia"... in other words, they include cycles as well as whole calendars. For those who want to know more about Goodman and read a ground-breaking illustrated piece of calendar research by an independent researcher, but which has been praised by 3 academic Mayanists, see this essay:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mayan Calendar - DIY

Does the "Mayan Calendar" baffle you? Are you still wondering what it is and how it could possibly predict the "end of time"?

Did you know that 17 Mayan Calendars were discovered? So, what makes this particular (T'Zolkin) calendar so important? And, what does it look like?

This is NOT the Mayan Calendar - It's the AZTEC Calendar.
When you hear the term "Mayan Calendar" - do you see the image to the left? This image is NOT the Mayan Calendar - it's the Aztec Calendar from centuries later than the post-classic Mayan era.

I've always been of the mindset that in order to REALLY learn about something, do the research.

Below you will find a series of Links - all informative and all regarding the Mayan culture, documented writings and lessons in the Julian, Gregorian and Mayan calendar systems.

This should keep you busy until the end of time, this coming Friday 12/21/12 at 12:21pm. *snicker* Have Fun and See you on the "Flip-side".

The Mayan Codices - 4 of them spared from Spanish Conquistador and Priest destruction - each stored in a different city's museum:

It's all about Time - Yes, other people besides Goodman, Martinez and Thompson worked on the T'zolken's "end date" by determining the beginning date of 3114 BCE. The Boehm Brothers made key discoveries in the mid-20th century.

Lessons in Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy

DIY Training and Cycle Count

Timewave Theory and Novelty - 12/21/12 - Layman's Terms

Terence McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000) wore many hats in his life including researcher and writer on the subjects of the origin and end of the universe. And, he discovered a pattern and developed a theory he termed the "timewave".

What is the "timewave" and what is "novelty"?

According to McKenna the universe is finite and has an end-date with an attractor at that end-time that increases reaching a "zero" point of infinite complexity in December 2012. He theorized that at this point all will happen at once creating chaos but also creating a shift in consciousness. 
McKenna viewed the universe as a spiraling collection of waves fractally repeating themselves in a tighter spiral (history repeats itself).


Terence McKenna said: "the imagination is a dimension of nonlocal information," and "novelty is density of connection."
McKenna believed that imagination was capable of interconnecting matter waves instantaneously.

"Timewave zero" is mathematically based upon McKenna's interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching.  When entered into a computer the graph created appears to show great periods of novelty corresponding with major shifts in humanity's evolution. 
He utilized the event of Hiroshima with which to base a date and noticed that zero point culminated on November 16, 2012. Later discovering the December 2012 end date determined by Western Mayan Scholars, he decided to synch them up. 

Terence McKenna said this:

"What is happening to our world is ingression of novelty toward what Whitehead called "concrescence", a tightening gyre. Everything is flowing together. The "autopoietic lapis", the alchemical stone at the end of time, coalesces when everything flows together. When the laws of physics are obviated, the universe disappears, and what is left is the tightly bound plenum, the monad, able to express itself for itself, rather than only able to cast a shadow into physis as its reflection. 
I come very close here to classical millenarian and apocalyptic thought in my view of the rate at which change is accelerating. From the way the gyre is tightening, I predict that the concrescence will occur soon—around 2012 AD. It will be the entry of our species into hyperspace, but it will appear to be the end of physical laws accompanied by the release of the mind into the imagination."

Scraps From the Notebook of an Ex-Philosopher (1994)

Philosophic Musings 1994
"'I have got lost; I am everything that has got lost,' sighs modern man...Rather live in the ice than among modern virtues and other south winds!"
Nietzsche, The Antichrist I.1. (Kauffman trans.)
- - - - - 

Not an issue of syntax at all. Again, on the contrary. Since I've been growing in my Life this is one aspect---and perhaps it is a highly mystical one?---which I have come to be grasped by. I say I've been grasped by it because it is not some "doctrine" I read about and it's not something which I composed in a fit of poetic inspiration. No, it's something which I've come to notice and have been drawn to, and hence I've extrapolated it, the best I could, in the above terms.

Let me do my best to explain. Of course, at this point I ask you to suspend the philosophico-rational scalpel of bivalent (or even fuzzy) logic and flip the switch off; it's a matter of a Spiritual comportment to Life (this is off the topic, but I wanted to say it: the more I write in terms of the deep, True correspondences, the more I come to realize that there is no vocabulary to convey what I (and I'm sure you feel the same way) want to convey. None. Perhaps the language of the Occident is all this way, characterized and shaped by a history disposed to either/or. Patriarchal paradigms which have shaped history have adopted a linear structure of time; the very linearity corresponds to the onward thrust of the Phallus of male dominated history.

- - - - - 

Now let me transcend this masculine/feminine dualistic model, now that we've established the first basis of the dialectic to follow. History can be viewed cyclically.  This points out that there are non-linear "patterns" and cycles in history with which we all are intuitively familiar. Now these cycles are actually spirals, or we can view them as concentric circles, starting from the very large (history of the universe) to the history of the single individual's life. We also include the "history" of which the four seasons are, the phases of the moon, the rotations of planets, even the microscopic cycles of and within biological existence in general.

- - - - -

Hence that's the "meaning" of what I meant by changing the past; it has to do with comportment to Life. The language was not analytical, phallic and "philosophic": I wanted to express what I've been experiencing. Of course, there is always the risk of logocentric obliteration when attempting to verbalize our (Mystical/Spiritual) Experiences, as both of us are all too aware. So there is no critical, philosophic perspective here for you to "abandon," as you noted; it merely expresses what, I'm certain, you experience from time to time. However I will not presume to speak for "everybody" in this instance, because many people have fallen prey to a linear and phallic history; observe the proliferation of shrink clinics and the popularity of "therapy." And this is perhaps a singularly Western phenomenon too. There is "no going back" in linear history, in terms of the two worlds.

I do know something now, though, and that's that there once was a time when I thought I knew something. It's all Illusion; it takes cycle after cycle to come to the realization of the Illusion. Sometimes these cycles are instantaneous flashes of thought or inspiration.

- - - - - 

And I know what you are referring to above, viz., academics and scholarship in general. I know what you mean and that's the sense of what I mean above. There's plenty of information out there, but we as Mystics do Know the True Mystery. In that Plenum is the totality of everything there is to know. Academics, scholarship ... these have to be transcended and absorbed. Otherwise we wind up the knowledgable ignoramus; the ivory towers are full of such stuffy, deluded types.

- - - - - 

Heck, of course not! I was the one to come out with my sentence upon the history of Western academic philosophy hitherto, viz. that it's all ivory tower bullshit. I excluded Socrates, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard for good reason, however. This is because they were the destroyers of academic arrogance, ignorance and the stuffy, moth eaten airs of their contemporaneous philosophic world. By virtue of their rebellion and refreshing attitude for
what is True to Life, they were true "Philosophers." They sentenced Socrates to death for "corrupting the youth." Nietzsche hardly sold any books while he was still conscious, lived in complete, agonizing solitude. Kierkegaard's funeral was flocked by an angry mob for giving him a Christian burial.

- - - - - 

Now when I say that Western academic philosophy hitherto is all ivory tower bullshit, it is not for lack of study or out of ignorance. I began studying it circa 1982-3, so it's an opinion based on approximately twelve years [(contemporaneous note: this "correspondence" was written in 1994)] of experience with it..

- - - - - 

But no, I'm all too familiar with academia. I'm confident that I can dissect and demolish any half baked---or fully baked---philosophic argument one can throw my way, i.e., if I feel like it. That's just the nature of philosophy --- one can defend or destroy with perfect impunity any crap one wants, whether one believes in it or not. It can even become an exercise in perfect self deception.

- - - - - 

However this is not to say that I am still not reading philosophic, academic works. I'll probably keep doing it and keeping up with the literature. So please don't think that I am trying to discourage you from pursuing academia, because I would love to hear that someday you've gotten the degree in psych you've been after.

- - - - - 

Religion, like with art, should be paradoxical. This paradox, to me, is something annulled by organization---i.e., in terms of social institutionalization. A circle can't be squared.

Perhaps it's a matter of semantics here, but I don't view 'organized religion' and 'religion' as equivalent. By 'organized' I am speaking strictly in terms of sociology, i.e., of religion becoming one business among other businesses in the business world. The very suprarationality of religion per se transcends "businessization" or organization in terms of social institutionalization. As you noted above, yes, the purpose of religion is to illuminate and it has done so for us. But I can (and have) relate(d) some of my experiences with organized religion, and I remember it all as if I were wading in the mud of utter despair and meaninglessness. I only found True Religion in _acts_ which channelled Love and were channelled by Love; I found it in no social structure.

- - - - - 

I respect your views and your disposition toward your profession and your view of higher and lower laws. My complaint to you was addressed from a standpoint of a Mysticism, viz., that of the question "why are we born?" I'm going to leave it at that, because my issue is not based on ethics per se, nor on morality as such. It was not based on biology or philosophy. One cannot "defend" the concept of law to me in ethical language if my complaint is launched from a non-ethical standpoint, especially when I consider ethics to be part and parcel of philosophico-academic bullshit. As the Pirate King of Gilbert & Sullivan said: "Always live to the dictates of your conscience, my boy, and chance the consequences!"