Thursday, January 26, 2012

Architecture & Nature

Building with opening on top ledge to accommodate a great old tree. 

This is an example of living in nature, with nature, as nature, working with and respecting nature; an example of human non-viral activity.  The spurious idea of "conquering Nature" makes the ontological category mistake (in the sense of G. Ryle) of reification.

Friday, January 6, 2012

On Penn & Teller's "Bullshit!"

I'm a fan of Penn and Teller.  But they are prestidigitators, and when prestidigitators begin uncovering so-called "bullshit" in their materialist, non-magickcal opinion, we need to ask ourselves if any prestidigitation per se is involved in their presentation.  Why should anyone trust prestidigitators? They are con artists par excellence, and have all kind of tricks up their sleeves, so to speak.

Bullshitters exposing bullshit ... do they use bullshit to do so?  Of course they do, it's what they do best. For example, take a corner of a sample space, and make it represent the whole picture, especially a goofy and stupid one.  It's one of the oldest tricks in the book, a rhetorical fallacy.  Label all phenomena bullshit from the outset and they take on the dull sheen of bullshit, every phenomenon is pre-colored and judged worthy of getting spewed.

But it's all just entertainment, right?  I don't think so, and it shows the arrogance typical of average herd mentality; everybody is an expert on everything, and even prestidigitators fall into the trap of scientism.  The idea of bullshitters exposing bullshit isn't all too convincing.  It's the most unimaginative and boring show Penn and Teller have ever put on.  Otherwise, I like those guys.     

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!  The Year of the Black Water Dragon in spiraling ascent.  

Consider the hype that 2012 was, in 2010 Gregorian.  The hype started to taper off toward mid-2011, gauging the Zeitgeist.  In mass media, nothing was said when the year turned to 2012, as far as I know, of the "2012 phenomenon," and according to my empathic gauge, it's already passé.  Ironic, as this is one of the aspects of the 2012 phenomenon, viz., the ever-increasing acceleration of time.  My good friend who runs a decade-plus old 2012-related forum is tired of the whole thing, and has been tired of it for a while, and pretty much summed up the phenomenon in a single magnificent post.  

All this is very good, because the time has already passed to change.  It is too late.  There is no more fork in the road, the choices have been made, the Judgment has descended at the Fall Equinox of 2011.  Now the trajectories will play themselves out.  Those who will wake up, will wake up, and those who won't, won't.  Notwithstanding, however, everything is perfect, absolutely everything, there is nothing amiss.  A Happy New Year to all indeed!