Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Epistemic Limit

Joined a site called "Quantum Activist" some time ago.  I posted in their forum a brief note about impediments of classicism and materialism in understanding nonlocality, etc., and the forum moderator told me (and another active forum member), right at the outset, that I "shouldn't be so negative."  I sat there with my jaw hanging open for a while, because the moderator didn't even understand what the "quantum revolution" (which started over a 100 years ago) is about.  Needless to say, I left that forum. I've been an armchair quantum theorist for thirty years now, and the so-called quantum revolution remains dormant as ever.  There was a time I had thought that it was important.  Today I feel otherwise, that it doesn't matter at all.  Something virtually impossible for the public to comprehend cannot be the subject of "activism," the scientific paradigm has reached its epistemic limit, just like the uncertainty principle.  What an irony it is.  I feel today, that what matters is having wonder in one's heart about life and the universe.  There is no place for hubris, scientific or otherwise.