Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aeonic Stirrings

I've mulled over what I've groked about the new Aeon.  The Age of Aquarius, still in its infantile torpor, is shifting away from the gravitas of the Logos-dominated Piscean Aeon to the levitas of the Eros-liberating Aquarian Aeon.  I don't view Logos as negated by Eros, only that it has been subsumed into a sublimated entanglement-superposition.  There is no dualism here. Both Apollonian and Dionysian Order-Chaos duality interfuse into an epiphenomenal synergy of a greater non-dual holographic Whole. The Superman of the Aquarian Aeon is Neosapiens, androgynous at heart, nurturer, caretaker, and protector of Earth.  The paradigm of Tragedy is sublimated into the paradigm of Comedy.  In essence, the Fish (Pisces) jumps into the Ocean (Aquarius); it doesn't drown in it, it only finds a larger world.