Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inari Invocation

They walked up the dark steps and through the sacred
archway; the shrine-sanctum flanked by two stone guardian Inarifoxes—
each fox had a gem under its paw—was barely visible in the
darkness. It was cold and quiet outside; the stone steps were getting
icy, but the temperature didn’t seem to bother the NeoSapiens too

The Inari-Sky-Goer Dakini, holding a fiery gem in hand, rides the flying celestial fox to pay homage to the Great Sun of universal illumination.  She pervades, henceforth, ubiquitously as subtle Presence. There is a tally kept by a Chthonic recordkeeper, a log of events written on a scroll made of mind-stuff, a treasure-scroll, a scroll so ancient and primordial, beheld perhaps by the most refined of mountain mystics.  On the elusive tally is a registry, on which are variant names of the sky-going Dakini, and there are records, even, of various ways in which She pervades all realms, written in arcane logograms hitherto unseen and unwritten.  The logograms are decipherable only by those who, by virtue of resonance with the unborn syllabary and hieroglyphs of permutations of the Six Elements, apprehend the ineffable.  Her flight continues, ubiquitously, in the Cosmos of Mind.