Sunday, June 3, 2012

Night Stalks the Mansion: A paranormal book review

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bella Foxglove, and I am the author of the blog Tales of the Wolf Queen. I would like to extend a most heartfelt thanks to Tantra Wave for allowing me to be a part of this blog,  and I look forward to working with everyone here!

A few nights ago I came across a true haunting story over on Amazon, called Night Stalks the Mansion: A True Story of One Family's Ghostly Adventure. I love ghost stories, and I really love "true" accounts, especially since I have been the recipient of several ghostly sightings and interactions in my own life. I downloaded the book for my tablet, crawled in bed one night and started reading. It is a short book, only 178 pages, but I could not put it down. It enthralled me from the first page.

The story is a first person accounting of Harold Cameron, his wife and 5 children, who, after his job transferred him to Philadelphia, were living in a cramped hotel room, trying to find housing to move in to. Nothing was available for the large family, and one day Harold saw an advertisement in the paper for a fully furnished, 17 room mansion, for a very low price. He went to look at the house and it called to him, even after experiencing a strange occurrence on the very first day they went to look at it. After discussing it with his wife, they decided to sign a very binding two year lease. 

Almost immediately after moving in, they began to hear footsteps in the house, and outside, when no one was there. Strange noises, smells, and the feeling of being watched intensified the longer they family remained in the house. Visitors to the house also witnessed these strange occurrences. Harold even had what appeared to be a distraught woman come to the house late one night, begging for help. All was not as it seemed however.

Later in the book they come across an old black man named Enoch, who had a connection with the house, but was reluctant to share what he knew with Harold. Throw in the fact they could not keep hired help in the house, due to the ghostly happenings, the family was very frustrated, to the point of trying to get out of the lease. It was all for naught, as the lease was iron clad.

Desperate to find out the history of the house, and faced with an town unwilling to talk about it, the family makes a "pact" with the ghosts, since they could not leave. Eventually Harold manages to glean the tragic history of the house, but not before many other events take place.

It was not a terrifying book, but it was delightfully creepy, and the fact that it really happened makes it even better. I read the whole book in one sitting, staying up till four in the morning to finish it, that is how engrossing it is. I highly recommend checking it out.

(If you intend to read the book, I suggest reading it before checking out the links that follow, as the build up before finding out what really happened is part of what makes the book so awesome.)

After reading the book, I decided to do a little big of research, and found out that the mansion in the book is called the The Heilbron Mansion and if you click the link there, it will take you to another true story and a little bit of history about the mansion.

At one point there was a film in the works, but it fell through. They are still trying to get funding, so maybe one day the film will get made. I will be watching it if it ever comes out for sure! Here is another website for the book and the film, which also has a gallery with pictures of the house.

In closing, I highly recommend this book. It was rich with imagery, and made you feel like you were right there in the house. I am very pleased that I added it to my collection!