Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Higgs Boson as Metaphor

So there's July-4th-worthy hoopla about the Higgs-boson detection. Why, am I not glad? Why am I more annoyed with it than anything else? Its being called the pompous 'god particle' aside, there's something about the whole thing that sticks in my craw, and I want to get to the bottom of why it does. After all, I've been an armchair quantum-theorist for 30 years now; early on I was driven to study mathematics because of my attraction to quantum physics (among other things), so to me, it was not merely a matter of casual interest.

Over ten years ago I was leafing through Scientific American at a supermarket and glanced at a column that asked if quarks were the bottom (so to speak) line, because they had findings that hinted that maybe there's more fundamental stuff. I laughed. A pathetic feeling came over me about the whole endeavor. It was the beginning of my current understanding, that the current, "orthodox" scientific paradigm has reached its epistemic limit. It's not that I'm not expecting any new discoveries, no, such is not the case. I'm talking about the process of poking around recursively to uncover more of the same, and more of the same minutia that holographically contain more of the same ad infinitum; this is because the poking-around is done in the spirit of an outdated, materialist empiricism. 

I recently read an article about foods that look like the parts of the body that they are actually good for; it was further confirmation of what I would expect of the universe. Consider how fractals are the same in galaxies, rivers, geological patterns, plants, veins, DNA, and so on to infinity. Why would quantum phenomena be any different? Everything interpenetrates, and everything is a metaphor, thus, for everything. Never mind the mediating particle that answers for mass in the universe, in general. So it was discovered, alright, so what? It's like an explorer who's seen the world, but who's never laid eyes on the back of their own head; they've charted the seven seas and land formations, yet they haven't much familiarity with the "landscape" of the palm of their hand.

Not to mention there's an entire Universe, an entire Cosmos in their very own bodies, living, breathing, circumfused with perfect organization, which they take for granted. And then there's the Sixth Element, Mind. They can keep going "out there" to the farthest reaches of the universe (or to the innermost reaches of matter), to the "ends" of the incomprehensibly vast expanse of Space, and yet they will, aside from finding more of the same, run into the same problem, viz., that there is no "bottom line" to it all, that it's all a big, holographic, recursive collection of fractal loopie-loops without foundation. This is because that is what it is. Everything is as it is, and paradoxical. Where does it all start and end up?

Mind is the origin and terminus of Space; it is a Paradoxical Continuum interfused with everything, nothing excluded. Hence the real "god particle," then, will never be a piece of the material puzzle; it must be a superposition of matter and hyper-matter. It must be alive, it must be cognizant, self-aware; it is Mind. Mind itself is of multitudinous layers, states, and stages of development / evolution / involution. Perhaps there's an irony to this name, 'god particle,' because it smacks of scientism, and scientism has its own Spanish-Inquisition-kind of big-brothering, paradigm-wise, and it has its own quasi-religiopolitics; it has its own hubris in its sense of finality.

So yes, this is the reason why I'm not uncorking the champagne over the discovery of the Higgs-boson. It's too soon to party, folks, because some day you'll be joining that field of pure energy, and won't be ready for it because you kept chasing it outside only. Chase it, by all means do, but don't get all god-particle pompous about it. There's more to that kind of designation than meets the materialist perspective, which would sooner embrace, say, a many-worlds interpretation over the existence of a conscious, quantum-wave-collapsing agent.

Now let's get to the metaphor part, aside from the moral of the story. The "god-particle" is metaphor for the Timewave-zero-point Singularity. As mentioned above, there is nothing in the world, literally, that would earn that kind of designation by standing on its own merit. Hence what would the Singularity be? We don't know, of course, but thanks to the Higgs particle, we've been pinged with another confirmation, viz., that it is a superposition that is not merely a material, ostensible event.