Monday, July 9, 2012

Love Card

To my Beloved: 

Here's a snippet from the 1,100 page love note to you:

In an instant, everything, utterly everything, became compacted into a tiny dot. The tiny dot was afloat, not anywhere at all, but it was afloat. Everything, utterly everything was contained in it . .… Everything was a metaphor for everything else.  There was nothing that was not a metaphor.  . . . . . 

In a colossal ocean of roiling liquid, awareness happened.  Suddenly looking around to see a domain, a realm, an environment.  Splitting into two parts, awareness saw with dimension, depth and contrast.  Splitting into three, the third kept check on the seeing with the two; perfect.   Three became Four.  Four became Five, and Five ramified exponentially into countless infinities.

An arrow hit the mark, that is, the minute dot.  It hit the mark.  Bull’s-eye.  It was the bull’s-eye of the cosmos; there was no better aim.  No better aim, and never shall be.  It was the aim of aims.  It was the aim of aims of aims ad infinitum.  The arrow had hit the minutest of minutest dots. . . . . . 

 “Can’t you see?  There is nothing more to be known.  Everything else is just repetition.  It’s all just entertainment.  You and I, we are One.  There is nothing else.  Nothing.  Try thinking of something else.”  His face appeared to be smiling, smiling gleefully.

. . . . . 

“I am your failsafe.  You forgot, but I didn’t.  You forgot because it’s fun to forget, that’s all.   . . . . .  Now go back, and have fun with a little nostalgia.” . . . . . 

At the corner of her awareness, at the top, right-hand corner, at the outermost periphery, yes, she saw that being once again.

Do you remember?”  He laughed.  And vanished.

A shining embryo floated above the inner sanctum of the universal pavilion.  Within the embro were Twins in utero, shining bright, resonating with Life Force.  

Returning to the side of her True Love, Lotus looked up into the new night sky, Venus, Jupiter, constellations sparkling.  It was the end of an eon.  . . . . . gazing inward, gazing upward, gazing outward, anticipating with excitement the dawning new eon. . . . . present and the future hummed with potential beyond all horizons, transcending all boundaries, expanding ubiquitously, vast, brimming and resonating with Life Force.

Happy Birthday my Love XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO