Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sister Midnight: Solar Eclipse

On the morning of the Annular Solar Eclipse, May 20, 2012, I had a vivid dream. 

I was in a Chthonic, subterranean but relatively small circular room that was made of stone blocks. I was underground so it was dark in the room. I looked upward and see that there is a cylindrical wall that goes up to surface level; I see that there is a lid covering the top of it, but the sky (which is dark, as it is night) is slightly revealed in the shape of a crescent because the lid is slightly off-center. It's like I'm at the bottom of a stone-walled well. I decide to climb up the stone wall, to go up to ground level. I remove the lid slightly and see that Adolf Hitler is on patrol, in his early days before becoming dictator, and he's looking for Jews and other such beings who are not allowed to legally exist. I thought to myself, "I guess he must've been active even before he became a dictator."

So I stay behind the lid and hide until he goes away, and then I encounter a metaphysical personification of 888, of the Mormon Christ, a woman I know who has been an aspect of an invisible transmission, but she is on the other end of a landline phone. She is in a mode of strictly enforcing rules, and is trying to get me in trouble. I try and reason with her but it's just not happening. All of this is taking place in a dark room at night, without any lights on. She is a transformation-avatar, yet again, of the mysterious Sister Midnight who manifests in many guises: as a wraith, as the dark sister Hecate, as the protecting Hand of Miriam ...

Anima-attributes sometimes manifest in my significant dreams as prophetic beings with wrathful messages. Upon waking up, I realized that I had dreamt of myself as a conflation of several characters from suppressed worlds of the collective psyche; they're all myself, my Anima arising from the depths, rising upward to come into a 1984-kind of Orwellian world.