Saturday, August 11, 2012

Does the evolution of the spirit mean a withdrawal from modern society?

I was having a conversation with my husband, Jack, the other night that has been on my mind ever since.

First, a little background. Jack and I both identify as Pagan, but only because we are not Christian and there is no particular term that defines us, so we use the umbrella term of Pagan. The closest thing I can find that relates is the term Pantheist. We believe in Universal energy, and what you put out is what you will get back. Add to that an eclectic mix of our mutual Native American ancestry beliefs, my being a Witch, and bits and pieces from many religions and belief systems, and we are basically spiritual mutts. We are fine with that.

Our conversation was about the evolution of the spirit, and how in our experience, and in others that we have known, the higher our spirits evolve, the more removed from the modern world we become. That is not to say that we do not enjoy our modern conveniences; I for one would be totally lost with out my internet and my gadgets and technology. However, we both have little need for face to face contact with the world. I much rather email and chat over messenger than talk on the phone, and being in crowds make us both uncomfortable. He and I are perfectly content with each other, and our family, for the most part. Sure, every now and then we get together with friends, but it is not something either of us would be comfortable with if it happened all the time.

We have noticed that the older we become, the less use we have for the majority of humanity. We know that this is not our first lifetime, and we know that we will do it all over again most likely. I had to stop watching the news and stay away from news on the internet for the most part for a long time, because I would get so angry and stressed out. Not out of any fear for myself or my family, but because I was so disgusted with most people, especially people in a position of power. The more spiritual evolved we become, the more we, for lack of a better term, cease to care. That sounds harsh, and it does not mean that we no longer care about our fellow man, but it does mean that we feel removed from the problems of the world. Problems that people bring on themselves because of their quest for power and infamy.

We talked about movie and book portrayals of Spiritual Nomads, or Guru's if you will. Most of them are depicted as eccentric and alone and in the middle of no where, usually without modern technology. We wondered if maybe that fictitious portrayal was not, in fact, rooted in truth. Maybe once you reach a certain point in your path that the problems of men become something for other people to worry about. You stop worrying about things you can't change, and you stop caring about power and money and certain parts of society. Not because you are self centered, but, as in our case, you realize that none of it really matters. Food, shelter, knowledge...those are the things that REALLY matter...and should matter to everyone. Everything else just kind of pales in comparison. We are not afraid of death, we know that one day everything will die, it is just a part of life, and it is nothing to be afraid of. When you are not afraid of death, it changes the way you look and live your life. Yes, death is sad...but only for those left behind. The person who died is no longer concerned about anything. What happens after death is different for each person you might ask, but in my opinion, your time here is done for now, and you either simply cease to exist, or you go rest and return to the Universal energy source, or maybe you reincarnate. I do not know for sure, and I will not know until I die. That is why death does not scare me. While I am in no hurry to keel over, I am in awe of the process, because finally I will KNOW what happens next. It may be nothing, and that is okay as well.

Our dream is to have several acres in the middle of no where, totally self sustainable, and if there is a small community of like minded people around then great, and if it is just us, that is okay too, we are content with each other. In that setting we feel we can grow and evolve and live out the rest of our lives the way we see fit.

Who the President is does not matter. All you get is an exchange of problems and a shift in focus, but history has shown us that nothing really changes, just the person at the helm changes. No one has yet to focus on ( and actually get positive results ) the things that should be the most important, which is food, shelter, and knowledge for everyone. I know that means jobs and schools and all kinds of things that are apparently hard to obtain, but I feel it should be the most important things that anyone in a place of power should focus on, yet it never is. I have friends who would argue that if we want to see changes, we have to make them ourselves, which is true to a point, but society as a whole is set up to thwart any attempt to do that. Hence wanting to be as removed as possible. If I can not make the world a batter place for everyone, then maybe we can make it better for ourselves and then help others if we are able. Jack says everything should be shut down, taken back to square one, and start all over. I see his point, but I am not sure that would solve the problem. I think it would drastically reduce the population, because people no longer know how to live without grocery stores and Wal-Mart..but we survived before all these things existed, and could do so again, if one has a mind to learn.

I guess I went off track there, sorry. It is all tied in though. The further along our paths we travel, the less we want to be involved in the world at large. We want to have our own little corner of the world that provides what we need, and in my case I want to be able to contact who I want to contact when I want to contact them ( which is with my computer ) and live out our lives relying on ourselves, and no one else. Others I have talked to say pretty much the same things, with some of the details being changed. The end result is the same.

The conversation kind of shifted on to other things at that point, but it has stuck with me ever since. I have done some reading and some talking to people who are well established in their sense of spirituality, especially older people, and found out they feel similar to the thoughts and feelings we have. Not that we do not care about others, but that we stopped caring about trivial things, if that makes any sense, and it has made me wonder if the feelings are common throughout the world. Priorities shift, focus changes, and a withdrawal from typical modern society takes place.

Well that ends my musings for now. Anyone have any opinions and would like to share them?